Super Rad Industries Updates Shareholders

Company Expects Great Growth

Nov 03, 2011, 20:42 ET from Super Rad Industries

NEW YORK, Nov. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- (FBCD, OTC Markets) Super Rad Industries / FBC Holdings is pleased to update shareholders.  "We understand it has been a long time since we have last updated, and wanted to take the opportunity to reengage with our shareholders," said Christopher LeClerc, CEO.  First and foremost we are in the process of finalizing our agreement with Super Rad, as FBC has made many payments over the past year, not only toward the Asset Purchase, but also to the business growth in general -- for example, our newly acquired licenses, namely Marvel, Paul Frank, Kewpie, B-Bot, etc. -- as well as to all the operations of Super Rad Toys and the creation of Plastic City Toys, including the website, and Comic Con, both San Diego and New York.  "We have built a very strong team that is producing quality product resulting in many orders to date and wholesale accounts worldwide, which we will deliver on, however we want to make sure that all FBC shareholders are receiving fair value as well," said LeClerc.  As we continue to increase the brand reputation and presence in the toy industry we will continue to focus on the goals already stated. We plan to finalize our transaction immediately, additionally we are taking extra time to file the 10k in order to finally have our name change and symbol approved.  More so we have been given the opportunity to acquire many new licenses in product areas that are extremely popular here and around the world and are at present negotiating these deals. We expect to have them finalized in the next few weeks.  "This company is going to be a success in the toy space, we have the team of industry professionals assembled to make that happen," LeClerc continued.  "We have major opportunities on our plate right now, and we are going to maximize them," said Steven Miller, Executive VP of Sales. "Not the least of which is our reputation as a quality company producing well made Toys."  Lastly we have commenced the search for a production team for the creation of the Plastic City stock exchange and we plan to have the site up and running within the next 60-90 days.

About Super Rad Toys

Since 2006, Super Rad Toys has been at the forefront of the collectible art world, by producing innovative and high-quality vinyl collectibles that have gained an excellent reputation with collectors on a global basis. The founder's aspired to create original and inspired vinyl collectibles to be acquired and cherished in the same way traditional art collectors do fine art. They specialize in translating licensing, branding concepts and turning intellectual property into tangible products including toys, figures, house wares, apparel, and collectibles. As a result, the company has secured a portfolio of intellectual property and through various acquisitions of licenses, properties, and rights to utilize highly visible product brands.

Today, Super Rad Industries' team of professionals are continuing the success of identifying valuable intellectual property and trends, securing licensing and solidifying business relationships to insure the intellectual property rights, and designing products, in order to provides the highest quality of products and collectibles to consumers and fans.

For more information about Super Rad Toys products, contact Super Rad Toys at 800-658-4504. Visit the Super Rad Industries Website at

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