Superfast Mobile Internet Set to Savage Home Broadband Sales

Aug 31, 2012, 09:00 ET from

CAMBRIDGE, England, August 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Is the clock ticking on fixed line broadband providers? A poll carried out by indicates that home broadband could be heavily impacted by a mass defection to high speed 4G mobile broadband when it's introduced later this year.

The poll asked "Would you switch to 4G mobile broadband as a replacement for home broadband?" More than 1,000 people responded, of which almost 40% said they would drop their fixed-line service in favour of a fast mobile broadband provider.

17% said they had no plans to use 4G mobile broadband at all, while 45% stated they would stick with home broadband but also take advantage of the faster mobile speeds of a 4G network.

The results bode well for the future of mobile broadband in the UK. Everything Everywhere was recently given permission to establish the UK's first 4G network to begin offering services by the end of 2012 and the spectrum auction for other providers is set to take place early next year.

"Britain is ready to join the rest of the world in enjoying mobile broadband that's fast enough to be used as a primary internet service," says Broadband Genie editor Matt Powell. "3G has served us well but the first commercial networks were established over 10 years ago and the technology is showing its age. A fast 4G network opens up all kinds of possibilities including the option of exchanging a landline and fixed connection for a mobile broadband dongle."

But while mobile networks may be pleased to know that 4G is hotly anticipated, home broadband providers should take note. If they fail to invest in superfast broadband they run the risk of losing large numbers of customers to mobile alternatives which aren't restricted by wires.

This is particularly true in areas which have so far been poorly served by traditional fixed line services. Mobile networks bidding for a share of the 800MHz band must agree to supply 98% of the UK with a 4G signal that can be received indoors by 2017. In comparison recent government targets are 90% fixed line access by 2015, leaving a window of opportunity for canny network operators.

Results: "Would you switch to fast 4G mobile broadband as a replacement for home broadband?"
Yes: 37.8%; No, I will not use 4G: 16.7%; I would use both: 45.4%


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