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Mar 21, 2013, 13:57 ET from Thomson Holidays

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Thomson teams up with Futurologist Ian Pearson to predict the technological innovations for kids' entertainment on holiday in 2030

Leading holiday company Thomson has teamed up with renowned futurologist Ian Pearson to uncover the technology trends and innovations that are expected to be adopted at holiday Kids Clubs in the future. In addition, it has also commissioned new research to understand what types of technology children and parents would like to see at kids clubs in the future.

As technology evolves, it is clear that children are very comfortable using new gadgets, with 85% of kids stating they regularly play on iPhones and iPads and over a third (38%) claiming they often use mobile apps. That's why, Thomson, which takes one million children on holiday each year, understands the importance of providing high-tech kids with activities that encourage them to interact with one another, as well as learn new skills.

The research also revealed that nearly three quarters (70%) of kids would like to use technology on holiday to practice new skills and experience new activities. With 69% of parents agreeing that this was something that their children would enjoy, Thomson was keen to work with futurologist Ian Pearson, to understand the future of Kids Clubs. In his report, Ian has identified four key predictions set to take the world of kid's entertainment by storm by 2030.


1. Building a Fantasy World

2030 Prediction:

Using over-eye visors that can be worn like a hat or active contact lenses and pre-programmed content on remote computers, children will be able step into fantastical new worlds together. As well as creating new virtual environments around them, kids will also interact with each other and the creatures, people and characters that inhabit their new virtual world If they were learning about creatures of the deep-sea and the world around them was the ocean, they could pull fish closer to them by performing a reeling in motion with gesture recognition technology.

What this will mean for holiday Kids Clubs:

Kids will be able to learn about new and exciting places in an engaging way and experience different worlds whilst on holiday. With nearly a quarter (24%) of parents reporting that their kids most love playing with new games and gadgets at holiday Kids Clubs it seems that stepping into a virtual world with new technology will appeal. With the future opening up potentially endless innovation based on children's own imagination, the Kids Clubs of the future are set to deliver that and beyond.


2. Holiday Super Powers

2030 Prediction:

High resolution over-eye visors will facilitate vision of ultraviolet and infrared, so children will be able to see in the dark and view objects and nature from a different perspective. X-ray glasses are also a possible invention, enabling children to peer inside objects, having fun whilst learning about the way things work.

What this will mean for holiday Kids Clubs:

At Kids Clubs, children are encouraged to learn about the local environment and this new technology will enable them to spot new flora and fauna on holiday the way bees and insects see them.


3. Augmented appearances

2030 Prediction:

By wearing tiny electronic chips on their clothes, children will be able to take on multiple appearances making fancy-dress costumes a thing of the past. Children could choose to appear as different characters depending on who they're interacting with - parents, other children or the Kids Club leader - based on pre-programmed wearable devices that will translate to certain appearances via the visors worn by others.

What this will mean for holiday Kids Clubs:

At Kids Clubs, the leader's visor could be programmed to recognise each child member of the group as wearing a particular colour outfit, so they can easily identify them, this will prove particularly helpful for team games. Similarly, should a child wish to take the form of their favourite animal or sporting hero, they can and their visors will be programmed to recognise each child's chosen magical identity.


4. Hobby Bubbles

2030 Prediction:

Digital 'hobby bubbles' will surround everyone, radiating all the things about them that they want to share with others, meaning awkward introductions will be a thing of the past. Kids will upload all their hobbies and likes to new social networking sites, designed especially for kids, which will then appear around them by over-eye visors.

What this will mean for holiday Kids Clubs:

This will help children make new friends at Kids Clubs, as they will simply see the ones who share similar interests. With a third (32%) of kids surveyed saying their favourite part of Kids Clubs is the chance to make new friends and almost all (93%) kids already using technology such as Netbooks, Kindles or VTech Hobby Bubbles are an ideal development. With 'hobby bubbles' giving children the opportunity to meet new friends and the potential to stay in touch with pen friends digitally - the Kids Clubs of the future could be creating friendships for life.

Futurologist, Ian Pearson comments "The future of holiday Kids Clubs is a truly remarkable topic. The technologies that are connecting, empowering, and surrounding kids today will continue to develop to keep pace with the ever more immediate world of child expectation and interaction.

With touchscreens, simple programming languages, and ever less complex ways for humans to interact with computers, children are in a position to gain an elevated level of technical ability. When you put this access into the time-rich and adventurous world of Kids Clubs and child-play, it's easy to imagine an entirely new level of empowerment for kids. For young people, a journey into the unknown is a daily experience and on holiday this sense of freedom, exploration and freshness is even more powerful."

Luke Gaskins, Head of Product Development and Delivery at TUI UK and Ireland, adds "At Thomson, our focus is on enhancing social interaction - after all, Kids Clubs are all about meeting new friends, having fun and learning new skills. We're constantly adding new fun experiences that kids will have never tried before at home.

We're committed to delivering the most innovative and exciting entertainment and products for our guests and are already considering introducing some new innovations at our Kids Clubs over the next few years. From immersive simulator rooms to connecting children at different Kids Clubs around the world so they can share ideas and play games interactively with each other. Our research into Kids Clubs of the Future will really help to shape our thinking and ensure we mix the traditional joys of Kids Club with modern technology that will enhance kids' holiday experiences to make interaction even more engaging".  

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Notes to Editors

Futurologist, Ian Pearson, is available for comment

The research was carried out by One Poll and 1,000 children and 1,000 parents were surveyed


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