SupperKing Extends The Sharing Economy To Home Cooked Meals Between Friends And Neighbors

Beta iPhone App Now Available to Discover New Social Dining Experiences and Meaningful Connections

Dec 04, 2012, 08:30 ET from SupperKing

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Dec. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Today SupperKing is launching the first mobile app that enables people to gather with friends and neighbors in their homes for a new delicious and friendly social dining experience. By empowering individuals to display their culinary skills, share their dinner table, or find a home-cooked meal in their neighborhood, SupperKing is transforming the typical solitary city dining experience and encouraging urban citizens to share resources and build community.


Collaborative consumption is rapidly reshaping the idea of ownership as city dwellers rent their homes, cars, couches, clothes and tools, and strengthen community ties in the process. A recent study revealed that 46% of adults report eating meals alone, while the National Defense Council reports that American families throw out approximately 25% of the food and beverages they buy. By evolving the experience of hosting and dining into a seamless extension of the sharing economy, SupperKing is well positioned to shift solitary dining into a shared experience that deepens local communities and minimizes food waste.

"In a society that thrives on exploring and sharing real world interactions through a digital lens, in-person experiences are still our most meaningful and memorable connections," said SupperKing CEO Kai Stubbe. "We created SupperKing to spark the feeling of gratitude that comes with gathering around a dining table and to create new friendships from neighbors to travelers so that no matter what city you are in, you are part of the SupperKing community and can share a meal and story."

How SupperKing Works

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DOWNLOAD: SupperKing is free for hosts and diners to join with no membership fees. The SupperKing App is available today in the App Store. –

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COMMUNICATE: SupperKing is currently welcoming beta users to become a part of a new social dining experience and to provide thoughtful feedback as SupperKing evolves the app to better serve its community.

"As someone who loves having dinner parties, SupperKing gives me a way to defer the cost of throwing them, practice new recipes, and bring existing and new friends together," said Melissa Schiederer, SupperKing beta user. "San Francisco is a wonderfully diverse city, but I've noticed that people tend to get stuck in their same homogeneous social circles and this could be a great way to infuse new life to those networks. I am excited to see how SupperKing makes it easier to get together to share food and good times, but alleviates the need to awkwardly ask people to chip in to cover costs."

About SupperKing
SupperKing allows people to share home-cooked meals with a trusted community of neighbors and friends through the first intuitive, location-based mobile app that empowers people to host and meet up for delicious and friendly dining experiences. By sharing food and company through SupperKing, communities can join around similar interests, share recipes, make new friends, minimize food waste and create an entirely new dining economy. The beta SupperKing iPhone app is currently available, initially focusing on building San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles SupperKing communities. For more information, please visit

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