Supreme Court Gets Kangaroo Small Claims Case: Full Disclosure Network® Video Report

Jan 03, 2012, 06:10 ET from Full Disclosure Network

WASHINGTON, Jan. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The California Supreme Court has been considering an unprecedented Petition For Review of a Santa Monica Small Claims Court case since November 23, 2011.  The case started in the courtroom of Judge Lawrence Cho in January 2011 and involves an attorney fee dispute between Donald Zachary, the former Vice President of NBC News, Legal Affairs in Los Angeles and American Association of Women (AAW), the parent organization of the Full Disclosure Network®, a non-profit, cable and Internet television program.  View the eleven page Supreme Court Petition filed under case Number S198189 at this URL:

AAW Contends Judge Cho Was Disqualified From Hearing The Case:

AAW appealed to the Superior Court Appellant Division after Judge Cho rendered a decision which AAW claims was VOID. The AAW filed with California Court of Appeals, Second District. At issue was whether or not Small Claims cases are to be decided under existing State Laws that guarantee an unbiased and fair trial or are Small Claims cases relegated to a different standard of Justice and application of the law?

Kangaroo Court TV Series Covering the Case, Online Here:  

The Emmy® award-winning Full Disclosure Network® has produced a Documentary TV series featuring court room witnesses to what happened during the trial. The full six segments (8 minutes each) are featured online here.


  1. When a trial court judge:
    a) "has permitted and considered an exparte communication thereby given an appearance of impropriety."
    b) "has failed to 'swear in' parties and witnesses,"
    c) "has denied a party its legal right to present witnesses"
    d) "has failed to enforce a valid subpoena for records, and"
    e) "has failed to require a party to produce a statutorily required statement (calculation of liability), is such a judge disqualified for cause from hearing the disqualified for cause from hearing the cases?"
  2. "Is a California Judge, who lacks personal jurisdiction, disqualified from hearing a case?"
  3. "Are all California judges required to comply with the Code of Judicial Ethics?"
  4.  "Are trial court judges allowed to receive secret, exparte communications from a party in a case?"
  5. "Are trial court judges allowed to ignore the California Evidence Code?"

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