Curates Top 10 Most Anticipated Office Party White Elephant Gifts

CEO Jenna Gavin Publicly Shares Her "Surf Board" of Hottest Gifts on

Dec 19, 2012, 17:50 ET from

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- As the holiday draws near, the must-attend office holiday party "Secret Santa Gift Exchange" creates a mad scramble for that perfect White Elephant gift – appropriate, memorable, and, let's face it, competitively zany. CEO Jenna Gavin of, a customizable content aggregation, organization and social sharing tool, curated a 2012 Top 10 Best White Elephant Gifts to help you get a leg up on the competition. The gifts were curated on and can be viewed on her public "Surf Board" at:


The full list of items is below too:

  1. Rapping Bacon Alarm Clock - $20 ( - Everyone bonds over the love of bacon, and this desktop dancing slice sings and raps to entertain the whole office.
  2. Charlie Brown Christmas Tree - $18 ( - This no-fuss no-muss table top iconic symbol of the season requires no watering.
  3. No Coffee No Workee Mug- $18 ( - Everyone needs a coffee cup with personality.
  4. Yoda MIMOMICRO® Card Reader - $13 ( - A fun USB card reader featuring everyone's favorite wise guy.
  5. Handerpants - $12 ( - Fingerless gloves for those who sit under the frigid air vents.
  6. Stress Paul - $12 ( - A fresh take on the ubiquitous "stress ball."  Bonus points if you actually have a coworker named "Paul."
  7. Toilet Candy Dish - $12 ( - The desktop candy dish that invites folks to stop by, nosh and stay awhile.
  8. Facebook "Like" and "Dislike" Stamps - $10 ( - Because everyone knows what people are REALLY doing at work.
  9. Duck Tea Infuser - $10 ( - The perfect accessory to make tea time extra sweet.
  10. DUH Sticky - $3 ( - Enough said. Post-its with the most-est.


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