Surf's Up, Gizmo! Available for Purchase

Book Shows Kids How to Use Mindfulness in Dealing with Life Challenges

Feb 23, 2016, 09:15 ET from Surf's Up, Gizmo! Children's Foundation

BOCA RATON, Fla., Feb. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- World … meet Gizmo, a fun-loving, surfing dog who teaches children how to use their imaginations and "surf" life's challenges – those unexpected, "waves" everyone encounters from time to time.

Children's author Suzanne Kline's latest book – Surf's Up, Gizmo! – has been released and is available for purchase online. The iPad version of the book features sound every time the reader flips a page.

In the brightly illustrated book, Gizmo reminds kids to pause, breathe, and become more aware of themselves and those around them when faced with a challenging experience. By using their skills and resiliency, Gizmo shows children how practicing mindfulness can help them ride out their own "unexpected waves" and manage life's ups and downs.

Gizmo's favorite thing is being balanced on his board with the wind at his tail, so he can "Just Surf IT!" The book shows children how to attain the same confidence, enabling them to deal with whatever issues they may face – from impending hospital procedures or family issues, to difficult subjects in school.

The life lessons in Surf's Up, Gizmo! are culled from Kline's personal story. Following a serious auto accident and traumatic brain injury, she re-invented her life, found renewed purpose doing volunteer work for children with her service dog, and was inspired to write children's books. In her books, Kline shares the healing mindfulness exercises she used to help children deal with their own traumatic experiences.

"Mindfulness is clearing away the past and paying attention to the present," Kline notes. "Observing how they think and feel about experiences helps people deal with stress, depression, even chronic pain, so they can improve their memory, enhance immunity and enjoy life."

Surf's Up, Gizmo! is based on a real-life Norfolk terrier, who is a young service dog and Kline's best friend. In his books, Gizmo spends time on his surfboard with his friends, Benny the  Octopus, Molly the Dolphin, and Bubbles the Clown Fish as they offer tips to kids on surfing life's unexpected waves.

Published by a U.S.-based printer, Surf's Up, Gizmo! is offered in hardcover ($17.99) and electronic ($9.99) versions, and is available online at ($14.98 for website orders). The electronic version also can be purchased on App stores, and Apple, Android and Kindle websites. Designated proceeds from the book benefit the Surf's Up, Gizmo! Children's Foundation.    

About the Surf's Up, Gizmo! Children's Foundation
The Surf's Up, Gizmo! Children's Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that will purchase and donate passenger vans decorated with surfing Gizmo and his sea friends to children's hospitals. The organization's mission is to provide children and their parents with safe transportation to and from their healthcare appointments, and to help create awareness for children's health programs in their local communities.

About Surf's Up, Gizmo!
Appealingly illustrated and highly entertaining, Surf's Up, Gizmo! features Gizmo, a young, fun-loving, surfing Norfolk terrier who teaches kids how to use mindfulness techniques when dealing with life's unexpected challenges. The book shows children that being more aware of each experience helps them deal with the stress of what they're facing.

Suzanne Kline, the author of Surf's Up, Gizmo!, is passionate about helping kids cope with their traumas – including cancer treatments and hospital stays. Kline draws upon her personal experiences to share life lessons and a mindfulness approach to surviving everyday challenges in fun stories about her furry friend, Gizmo. Her books help promote positive life messages to children. Surf's Up, Gizmo! is illustrated by Jim Hunt, a professional illustrator for more than 26 years. Perhaps most well-known for his illustrations in Mad Magazine, his clients also include Google, FOX Sports, Hershey's, NASCAR, and more. He and his wife have their own puppy, Sofia, who often provides inspiration for Hunt's drawings of Gizmo. For more information, visit or

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