Suspect Detection Systems Enters Strategic Alliance with SDB Partners to Market Cogito Technology in US

Dec 18, 2012, 09:29 ET from Suspect Detection Systems

NEW YORK, December 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Suspect Detection Systems Inc., (SDSS.PK), a developer of counter terror and crime prevention technology, announced today that the company has entered into a strategic alliance with Washington, DC-based SDB Partners to market and distribute the company's proven terror and crime prevention technology to law enforcement agencies in the United States.

The Cogito system utilizes two sophisticated layers to detect a potential terror or criminal suspect at a point of entry such as an airport, transportation terminal, or border crossing.  First, potential suspects are rapidly identified among a crowd using a remote "intention scanning" technology.  Suspects flagged by remote identification are then questioned by an automated interrogation system that can accurately identify whether the suspect intends to commit an act of crime or terror, or has ties to a criminal organization.  Following the interrogation, law enforcement officials can then take additional procedural measures.

The system can also be utilized by law enforcement after a crime has taken place to determine a suspect's association to a particular criminal action or organization.  Private sector security companies similarly utilize Cogito to detect intent to harm an employer's interests, among employees, management, or job applicants.

"Suspect Detection Systems products bridge a gap because they discover the intent of a person or persons," said Dr. Stephen Bryen, CEO of SDB Partners. "Until now, screeners either had to find something incriminating, or have advanced knowledge through intelligence gathering of a potential threat. While screeners at airports and border crossings can ask questions of suspects they face two problems: they are guessing whether they really have a genuine suspect, often guessing wrongly; and accurately judging suspect responses is very difficult if not impossible. That is where Suspect Detection Systems has invented a hugely important gap filler."

"We believe there are many applications for Cogito Technology and look forward to distributing this easy-to-implement, multi-layered security system in the United States," added Dr. Bryen.

"Suspect Detection Systems has identified a partner with the experience and know-how to market and distribute proven security technologies in the United States, the nation that understands the role of technology in advancing Homeland Security," said Gil Boosidan, CEO of Suspect Detection Systems.  "We are confident that our alliance with SDB Partners has significant potential to lead to the commercial-scale integration of Cogito Technology in the United States-realizing a major goal of our company."

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Based in Washington DC, SDB Partners ( is a recognized leader in supporting high technology companies in defense, homeland security and advanced technology. SDB Partners global team of top experts understand how to work with government agencies, the military, law enforcement and international companies to achieve market success. SDB Partners offers "powerful access to hard markets."

About Suspect Detection Systems

Suspect Detection Systems Inc., through its subsidiary Suspect Detection Systems Ltd., is a developer of proprietary counter terrorism and crime prevention technology designed to identify threats in real-time, and prevent incidents before they are carried out.  The technology detects the hidden "hostile intent" of assailants - before they commit their intended acts - with a high degree of accuracy.  The system can also be used after a crime is committed to quickly identify criminals from among a general population pool, including suspects.  

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