Swingdo: Beyond a Todo List; a New Task Management Tool That Thinks for You

Mar 17, 2016, 11:00 ET from BHI Inc.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Swingdo version 2.0 has been released by BHI Inc. today. Some of the features in the new version include

  1. Set Home and Work locations and Swingdo will prioritize tasks for your location. Work tasks are sorted for work while home tasks stay sorted for the time you are at home.
  2. You can now turn on and off the automated email task function. Easily refine which calendar events Swingdo should consider, giving you greater personalization for your todo scheduling. The improved personalization improves the Swingdo experience.
  3. New UI features giving your Todos a pleasant send off when you get your tasks done. Now there is a thumbs up for finished Todos and the mail will fly off in the figure of a paper airplane, for all completed mail.
  4. Improved synchronization with Swingmail and Swingdo Web extensions; light and easy creation of Todos from old mail and a quicker syncing between the web extension and Swingdo app.

What is Swingdo?

  • A Todo manager, Calendar and Mail app, which works with your third party calendar and mail providers.
  • An app to automaticly schedule Todos in the order they need to be done. 
  • Checks emails looking for mail that requires a reply.

Works with the following:

Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Hotmail/Outlook, Office365, Docomo mail, SoftBank mail, EZweb mail and Twitter DM as well as Google and iCloud calendars.

What to do next? 

Task management is difficult. Tasks are in multiple locations; a calendar, mailbox and a todo list, but they must be prioritized and compiled into one location; Swingdo solves this problem

1. Consolidated tasks

Calendar events, manually entered Todos and your mail tasks are all easily compiled into one list, making it clear what to focus on and want to do next. No more skipping from one app to another.

2. Automated scheduling

What order should I get things done in? Swingdo automatically schedules your tasks for you. The time you need, the deadline, the time you have, and more all go into working out the order you should complete things

3. Those pesky mails you forget to reply to

From that mountain of emails every day, Swingdo helps spot the ones that need a reply. No more missed emails with Swingdo.

- Swingdo (iOS & Chrome Extension) -

Application name: Swingdo 
Chrome Extension Release: 2016/2/26 (ver 1.0)
iOS Version update Release: 2016/3/17 (ver 2.0)
Price: Free
Devices: iPhone & Chrome Extension
Compatable with: Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo (yahoo.co.jp, yahoo.com), Outlook/hotmail, Twitter DM, Docomo mail, EZweb mail, SoftBank mail, Google Calendar and iCloud Calendar

Chrome Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/swingdo/jcfebekbofclokbaagmeobhfalkgkmki 
App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id1028833040  
Website URL: https://swingmail.co/swingdo 
Chrome extension video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhjP3104uxk

-Contact Info-
Phone: +81-3666-11894
Email: support@swingmail.co