Swinton Helps Drivers Winter Proof Vehicles

Jan 14, 2013, 09:39 ET from Swinton

LONDON, January 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Despite a relatively mild winter to date, the UK is set to be braced for plummeting temperatures over the coming weeks according to recent weather reports.

In light of this, Swinton, the UK's leading car insurance broker is urging car owners to make sure their vehicles are ready for the cold weather ahead.

Ensuring that there is a sufficient amount of de-icer mixed with a vehicle's washer fluid, radiators and also a spare supply to apply to windows should they become frosted, is essential. Tyre checks should also be made to help alleviate the chances of skidding on wet or icy roads.

During adverse weather, particularly in the winter season, it's important to avoid any harsh vehicle manoeuvres such as aggressive accelerating or braking as this can cause the driver to lose control of their vehicle. Increasing the distance between the vehicle in front is also advised as stopping distances dramatically increase when driving on wet or icy roads.

Preparation is key for winter driving in order to get to the desired destination as safely as possible. With forecasters predicting up to three weeks of cold weather, Swinton has some top tips for winter driving:

  • Plan routes - check which roads have been affected by adverse weather before setting off on any journey and avoid these routes
  • Use high gears when driving through ice or snow - this will help keep greater control of the vehicle
  • Do not speed - speeding on slippery surfaces could lead to a road accident, resulting in a damaged vehicle
  • Avoid harsh acceleration or breaking - this can lead to a loss of grip on the road. It's best to accelerate gently and slowly and if the car starts to slide, steer the wheel into the skid with feet off the break
  • Increase the distance between the vehicle in front - it can take up to 10 times longer for a vehicle to come to a standstill on an icy surface and up to four times for a wet surface, so to avoid collisions, increase the distance between the vehicle in front to allow for sufficient stoppage time

Steve Chelton, Claims Manager at Swinton, said: "The UK weather is known for being erratic, that's why it's important for all drivers to be prepared for all weathers. With the predicted cold snap due to set in over the coming three weeks, drivers should take extra care on the roads and ensure they have adequate car insurance to cover against any accidental damage that may occur."

For those needing to renew car insurance policies, get a competitive car insurance quote from Swinton, to avoid any large payouts that could occur from damage caused whilst driving in adverse winter weather.

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