Sword Ciboodle and Capgemini Consulting Collaborate to Promote Agent Empowerment

New Love Your Agents offering Sets Contact Center Staff Free and Revolutionizes Customer Relations

Jun 17, 2010, 09:30 ET from Sword Ciboodle

CHICAGO, June 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Sword Ciboodle, a global leader of customer oriented business software and services, today announced a new collaboration with leading consulting, technology and outsourcing provider Capgemini Consulting to launch Love Your Agents, a unique offering built upon Sword Ciboodle's intelligent desktop solution, Ciboodle One.  Sword Ciboodle joined forces with Capgemini Consulting to develop a range of user interfaces that cater to different agent learning styles and preferences; improving overall customer interactions, retention and the ability to cross sell.  

By partnering with Capgemini Consulting, Sword Ciboodle has empowered agents by giving them the ability to choose the version of the user interface that best suits their individual cognitive style.  Whether the agent has a highly visual mind and feels more at ease with a pictorial interface, or responds to text and written stimuli, the Love your Agents offering creates an environment that promotes agent productivity through freedom of choice.

Not only do the Love your Agents interfaces create a more self-reliant workforce and bolster overall morale in the contact center, they also fundamentally improve customer relations as agents are able to dedicate more time to understanding customers' needs, and less time navigating a complex user interface.

"In these times of economic uncertainty, employee morale and customer satisfaction is of critical importance," said Kenny Bain, CEO of Sword Ciboodle EMEA. "When agents use contact center software they are uncomfortable with, customer interactions are significantly less effective and duly more frustrating for contact center staff.  By partnering with Capgemini, we have developed an intelligent system that allows agents to choose an interface that works best for them.  Through the new Love Your Agent offering, we not only create a contact center with improved customer relations, but an environment with happier employees."

Sword Ciboodle's intelligent desktop solution, Ciboodle One, enables agents to easily navigate customer information and directly influence customer interactions and outcomes.  The unique Love Your Agents addition to this contact center technology allows agents the freedom to control how customer information is presented to them based on their individual preferences, leading to:

  • Improved  conversion and cross selling rates

  • Shortened average call handling time

  • Increased first contact resolution

  • Reduced agent training times

"Capgemini and Sword Ciboodle both recognized that agent experience is intrinsically linked to customer experience, but many call center environments are unintuitive and utilize difficult to navigate desktop interfaces," said Patrick James,   UK and Global Head of Marketing, Sales and Services at Capgemini. "If agents are struggling with counter-intuitive systems, it's impossible for them to be wholly focused on providing high-quality customer service. The 'love your agent' theme came out of the idea that happy agents equal happy customers; your agents are at the heart of good customer service, so making sure that they are appeased is vital."  

"User Interfaces for Contact Center agents are one of the most critical issues for retention and effectiveness," said Esteban Kolsky, President of customer strategies advisory firm, ThinkJar. "Agents who have to endure poorly built interfaces burn out quicker and their performance suffers when compared to peers with better built application interfaces.  This new model of dynamic, flexible, and adaptable interfaces that take account of each user's learning styles heralds the next generation of user interfaces for agents. It will surely make the job of retaining employees far easier, and the issues that come with training, effectiveness, and efficiency virtually disappear."

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Part of the global Sword Group, Sword Ciboodle delivers award-winning, process-managed CRM software services to contact centers worldwide. With staff located across 3 continents, the company's customer service software helps clients achieve higher revenues from their customers and reduce operational costs.  

The company's software offerings promote customer intelligence and choice, highlighted through their cross-channel CRM modules known as - intelligent desktop Ciboodle One, web based self-service Ciboodle Live, and the Love Your Agents contact centre user interface software.  

Sword Ciboodle is consistently recognized by industry analysts as one of the world's leading customer-centric technology providers. Clients include Sony, Admiral, Vodafone, Sears, BGL Group, Standard Bank and Eskom.

Sword Ciboodle has been featured in the prestigious Gartner Magic Quadrant, CRM Customer Service Contact Centers, for five consecutive years.

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