Sybase Enables ISVs to Take Their Database Applications to the Cloud Without Compromising Customer Demands for Security and Governance

Sybase Announces SQL Anywhere OnDemand Edition, Only Cloud Data Management Solution Designed to Support the Unique Data Requirements of Both ISVs and Their Customers

Sep 12, 2011, 09:00 ET from Sybase, an SAP company

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Sybase, Inc., an SAP company (NYSE: SAP), today announced a new product to fulfill the demand from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) for easier data management and deployment of multi-tenant, hosted applications. SQL Anywhere OnDemand Edition provides cloud-specific tooling and features that allow ISVs to manage data for cloud applications that meet both their business needs and those of their customers. Today's announcement was made at Sybase TechWave, collocated with SAP® TechEd 2011 and being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from September 12-16.


SQL Anywhere OnDemand Edition is the only cloud data management offering that allows an ISV to manage and scale an application's underlying databases, while still providing the critical data security and governance that the ISVs' customers demand. Sybase is able to meet both needs by providing a pragmatic approach that allows an ISV to maintain both tenant isolation and ease of management. As a result, SQL Anywhere OnDemand Edition allows vendors to build, deploy, and manage cloud applications without compromise, letting ISVs take advantage of the cloud's economies of scale while ensuring their customers' data is isolated from all other tenants.

"As the cloud model matures, there is tremendous opportunity for technology companies such as Sybase to provide customers with innovative products to solve the unique problems that ISVs face," said Carl Olofson, Research vice president, IDC. "With SQL Anywhere OnDemand Edition, Sybase continues this innovation by addressing a gap in the market and tackling the problems that ISVs encounter when moving to the cloud."

Today's ISVs desire the ability to move between public, private  and hybrid clouds – without committing to a specific cloud vendor. Many ISVs with on-premise applications are also concerned about maintaining their current base and attracting new clients without complicating development. Because SQL Anywhere OnDemand Edition does not lock a vendor into a particular hosting service or data management architecture, ISVs can create cloud-based applications that leverage a mix of cloud and ISV-hosted private deployment options that meet individual customer needs.  

Darren Sulfridge, a principal engineer at Neptune Technology Group, had this to say: "Our applications have been powered by Sybase since 1993, and I feel that Sybase has a solid understanding of my unique needs as an ISV.  SQL Anywhere OnDemand Edition continues that tradition."

Jonathan Greisz, director of software and systems engineering, added, "We have several ongoing projects moving our applications to the cloud, and SQL Anywhere OnDemand Edition fits right into our road maps."

The features of SQL Anywhere OnDemand Edition also include:

  • Elastic Database Provisioning – scale up and scale down computing resources on demand; ability to share computing resources among tenants to achieve economies of scale; tenant data is isolated from all other tenants at the file level
  • Tenant Scalability  - designed to power "web scale" applications that grow to thousands of tenants
  • Atomic Tenant Databases - each database treated individually, allowing for customer-specific customizations, backup solutions and direct customer access; databases stored in known locations and can be restricted from moving to another  
  • Multi-tenant Security - user permissions and authentication handled independently by each database; encryption on a tenant-by-tenant basis; self-contained data storage isolated from all other tenants in the system
  • Full Relational Database – proven SQL Anywhere relational database technology with millions of deployments, comprehensive support for SQL and relational data models
  • Cloud Management Tools – designed to meet the needs of ISVs who are managing thousands of databases, hundreds of servers, and multiple versions of software and schemas.  

"ISVs are experiencing a tremendous push from their enterprise customers, who want the convenience of 'on-demand' applications without losing the flexibility and security of their on-premise solutions," said Terry Stepien, president, Sybase iAnywhere. "SQL Anywhere OnDemand Edition is truly unique in the industry. It lets ISVs deliver the full security and governance their customers demand, while ensuring simple management of the system, allowing them to leverage a flexible private and public cloud architecture to provide maximum protection against vendor-wide outages."

SQL Anywhere OnDemand Edition Beta Program

The SQL Anywhere OnDemand Edition beta program is now open for registration with the beta software, codenamed 'Fuji', to be available within 30 days. The software will be generally available later this year.  To learn more about SQL Anywhere OnDemand Edition and to register for the beta software, visit

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