Symlabs Celebrates 10 Years of Technical Innovation

Solving complex identity infrastructure problems for customers is still the mission at Symlabs

Mar 28, 2011, 11:30 ET from Symlabs, Inc.

CHICAGO, March 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Symlabs, now a global leader in identity management, started out ten years ago on a mission to create high performance software which could solve a variety of problems that businesses encountered when using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). They not only succeeded, they continued to advance as LDAP gained importance in global identity architectures, such that today Symlabs products play a central role in the directory infrastructure of many of the worlds most influential and sophisticated companies. The current versions of Symlabs Virtual Directory Server, Symlabs LDAP Proxy, and Symlabs Federated Identity Suite each owe their industry-leading speed, reliability, and flexibility to concepts built into the original Symlabs DirectoryScript and the performance goals designed into the original Symlabs LDAP processing engine.

Much has changed in the industry during the past ten years, and it has with Symlabs as well. LDAP established its position in the core of mobile networks, web services, and Active Directory environments, while Symlabs established itself as the industry performance leader with products that fit into each of these environments to solve their technical challenges, integration difficulties, and adaptation requirements.  As these infrastructures have grown in complexity to accommodate new capabilities, Symlabs has grown the scope of its technology to embrace SOAP, XML, HTTP, Diameter, RADIUS, and the multitude of other elements needed to knit applications together. Many of the innovations that Symlabs introduced over the years are a result of keeping a close eye on the problems their customers face - others come from anticipating the ones they will encounter in the future. Focusing on powerful, secure, practical, and affordable solutions has guided the evolution Symlabs products from the beginning and helped them achieve success.

Antonio Navarro, CEO of Symlabs, pledged, "The bright, dedicated people at Symlabs have not yet run out of ways to advance our products and satisfy customers – look for more from us in the future."

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