Syntonic Launches the First Operator Independent Split Billing Solution Designed to Reduce the Cost of BYOD Programs for Companies of Any Size

Syntonic DataFlex® supports any mobile application without modifications and can save businesses over 50% in BYOD mobile data costs

Aug 19, 2015, 09:00 ET from Syntonic

SEATTLE, Aug. 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Syntonic, a mobile platform service provider, today released Syntonic DataFlex, the mobile industry's first operator independent split billing solution designed to cost-effectively deploy, operate, and manage BYOD usage for businesses of any size. The solution provides split billing—the separation of personal from business use—on any mobile operator network, including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Syntonic DataFlex is readily integrated into any existing expense management platform to streamline employee reimbursement. Syntonic DataFlex is accessed through a self-service portal for provisioning employee devices with business applications and website access.

While BYOD results in greater productivity and employee flexibility, its growth has also led to unintended operational costs such as excessive employee reimbursement through stipends, expense reporting guesswork, and processing overhead. Up to this point, IT departments have struggled to identify ways to accurately and efficiently calculate employee reimbursements for work-related usage on personal devices. The California Court of Appeals ruling in Cochran v. Schwan's Home Service has accelerated the business requirement for employee BYOD compensation, creating a sense of urgency and necessity for businesses to reimburse employees for work usage. The dependency on mobile data in the workplace deepens the need to understand employee mobile data usage for budgeting, forecasting and business intelligence, functions that aren't currently offered by today's EMM platforms.

Syntonic DataFlex is a corporate mobility solution for split billing that enables enterprises to easily manage BYOD deployments. Its core functionality allows companies to easily segment work from personal mobile data use on employee devices to ensure accurate reimbursement for any native application, including custom business applications and websites.

Syntonic DataFlex can help companies save over 50% on their BYOD spend. The solution's ability to provide cost savings, enhanced security, and app level business analytics makes it an ideal solution for enterprises looking to manage BYOD with more flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

Key features of Syntonic DataFlex include:

  • Support Across all Mobile Operators – Syntonic DataFlex's operator independence is an industry first. It's the only solution on the market to support split billing regardless of the employee's mobile operator.
  • Supports any mobile device – Syntonic DataFlex works with managed or unmanaged devices on Android and iOS.
  • Native Application Support – Syntonic DataFlex doesn't require any application modifications, such as app wrapping or SDK integration.
  • Self-service portal – IT departments can easily deploy Syntonic DataFlex through its self-service portal. By visiting the portal, companies can request a trial and begin provisioning employee mobile access. The portal also enables IT to manage business application usage, set policies, enable notifications and reporting.
  • Enhanced Network Security – Businesses are protected with threat detection and last mile encryption, even if the employee is accessing unencrypted data over an unsecured network.
  • Analytics & Business Intelligence – Syntonic DataFlex provides detailed app-level analytics segmented by employee, department, company, time period, data used, and other details to help guide mobile forecasting, budgeting, and investments.

"BYOD has transcended the large enterprise and is now regarded as an essential business function for businesses of all sizes," said Gary Greenbaum, Syntonic Co-Founder and CEO. "With Gartner anticipating nearly half of all businesses to require employees use personal device for work by 2017, it will be imperative for business owners to adopt solutions that help control BYOD costs now. Syntonic DataFlex allows businesses to cost efficiently initiate and scale BYOD programs."

For more information on Syntonic DataFlex and to request a free trial at Syntonic's self-service portal, please click here.

About Syntonic
Syntonic is a platform service provider that delivers enterprise class mobile connectivity services to businesses of any size that want to save money with their Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) deployments. Syntonic DataFlex®, built on the company's patent pending Connected Services Platform, allows businesses to confidently launch and expand BYOD programs while reducing costs, advancing business analytics, and enhancing security. Syntonic DataFlex integrates into corporate management workflows and supports any mobile operator network, managed or unmanaged device, and unmodified business applications. Started in 2013, the company has developed worldwide strategic partnerships with leaders in the mobile ecosystem. To learn more about Syntonic visit


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