Systrum Energy Offers A Bright Side to Third-Party Utility Providers in New Jersey

Jun 20, 2013, 14:19 ET from Systrum Energy

FAIRVIEW, N.J., June 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- New Jersey has managed energy deregulation better than many other states.  The falling price of electricity has opened the market to hundreds of alternate energy providers approved by the Board of Public Utilities throughout the state. Unfortunately, that has led some companies to take advantage of homeowners and businesses throughout the state.

With this opportunity, some energy providers have used confusing and questionable tactics to attract new customers. Some third-party utility providers promise lower rates during a 30-day promotional period – 30 days that every provider spends transitioning new clients from the original utility. These tactics are likely the reason that third-party energy supply adoption in New Jersey has lagged behind states like Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

Not every company uses misleading tactics to gain customers, however. Systrum Energy, along with many other reputable third-party utility providers, is honest about its prices and savings.  There are no misleading promotional rates, and Systrum Energy has consistently offered the lowest electricity and natural gas rates in New Jersey.

"It seems like I can't walk through a parking lot without someone offering to wash my car and lower my electricity bill," said Alex Tullo, Systrum Energy operations manager. "I hate to see New Jersey residents miss out on significant savings due to the predatory tactics of a handful of companies in the industry."

Unfortunately there are more stories about third-party utility providers that cast the industry in a negative light than in a positive one, however with proper research and the right provider, New Jersey residents and businesses have the opportunity to significantly cut energy costs.

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