Tableau Software Announces General Availability of Tableau 5.2

New release offers data connections to Sybase IQ, Greenplum, ParAccel, Microsoft PowerPivot and ODBC access; new map visual styles with greater international detail also featured

Jun 16, 2010, 00:54 ET from Tableau Software

SEATTLE, June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Tableau Software, the global leader in rapid-fire business intelligence software, today announced the general availability of Tableau 5.2 of the Tableau product suite. The new version 5.2 offers native connectivity to several new data sources and enhancements to the analytical maps.

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New data connections include Sybase IQ, Greenplum, ParAccel and Microsoft PowerPivot. Map improvements include new map visual styles and greater international detail. In addition to the fifteen other connectors already present in Tableau, users can also access other data sources via ODBC. More information about the 5.2 release can be found at  

"Tableau's integration with Sybase IQ, Greenplum, ParAccel, and Microsoft PowerPivot continues to deliver on our mission to help people see and understand their data," said Dan Jewett, VP Product Management. "With this 5.2 release, companies using these high performance databases can now use Tableau's rapid-fire business intelligence capabilities including browser-based analytics, active dashboards and Tableau's industry leading data visualization."

New Data Connections

The new data connections include the following databases:

  • Greenplum is a massively parallel processing (MPP) database designed for data warehousing and large-scale analytics. Tableau now supports connecting to Greenplum databases version 3.3 and higher.
  • Microsoft PowerPivot is an Excel add-in for modeling and analyzing data in extremely large Excel worksheets of up to 2 gigabytes, literally millions of rows of data. PowerPivot for SharePoint makes these worksheets available to others in your organization by serving this data from SharePoint. Tableau connects to PowerPivot files that have been published to SharePoint 2010 servers.
  • The ParAccel Analytic Database (PADB) is a columnar, massively parallel database for data warehousing, predictive analytics, and advanced business insight. Tableau connects to PADB version 2 and higher.
  • Sybase IQ is an analytics server which combines a column-based architecture, patented data compression and indexing technology, and flexible scalability in all dimensions (computing power, storage, and number of users) to deliver mission-critical business intelligence, analytics and data warehousing solutions on any standard hardware and operating system.

Additionally, Tableau has a new connection option to use the generic ODBC standard for accessing other databases. As a publicly defined standard, many database vendors make ODBC drivers available for connecting to their databases.

Enhanced Maps

Unlike other maps which are designed for directions, Tableau's maps have been carefully designed to be effectively display data by providing geographic context for analysis. In the 5.2 release, Tableau refined the map visual style with improvements to font treatments, updates to the colors used for water, land, parks and urban areas, as well as some adjustments to roads and border styles to be more effective for data applications. Source data for the map cartography has been primarily moved to data provided from OpenStreetMap contributors, a collaborative, community driven initiative to provide detailed worldwide maps.

The 5.2 release also offers increased levels of map detail worldwide so people can zoom into more detailed views in virtually every country and region. Tableau maps now provide details to the following levels:

  • North America - down to detailed street level
  • Western Europe - down to street level
  • Australia/New Zealand - down to street level
  • Rest of world - down to city view

A new "gray-style" map style has been introduced as an optional visual style. This map style can often provide a very dramatic effect to highlight data.

Tableau's products provide browser-based business analytics anyone can use. Users can connect to virtually any data source and rapidly create interactive dashboards, reports and visualizations. In just a few clicks, they can share their work so that anyone using a browser can interact with and benefit from the live analytics. Tableau is a replacement of the slow pace and rigidity of traditional business intelligence software.

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