tado Launches Internet-Connected Thermostat Based on Thingsquare Mist

Nov 14, 2012, 09:00 ET from Thingsquare

MUNICH, Germany and STOCKHOLM, Sweden, November 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Innovative greentech startup tado today launched their Internet-connected tado home thermostat. tado connects the heating system with a smartphone app to combine instant comfort with energy savings by adjusting indoor climate to weather forecasts, user behavior, and individual building characteristics. The tado system uses Thingsquare Mist to connect the tado thermostats to the Internet.

Unlike traditional thermostats, tado does not have knobs, buttons, or even a display. Instead, tado uses a smartphone app to control the indoor comfort, allowing tado to save energy by turning down the heating or AC when the last person has left the house - without anyone having to lift a finger. Being Internet-connected, tado thermostats use a range of energy-saving features that keeps on improving as the number of tado installations increase. In a pilot study, tado users have already saved up to 30% on their heating bills.

"The tado system leads the way for a new generation of Internet-connected consumer products, often called the Internet of Things", said Thingsquare co-founder Adam Dunkels. "tado is a striking example of how innovative products can make effective use of emerging Internet of Things technology."

"By choosing Thingsquare Mist, we were able to develop an Internet-connected product in a surprisingly short amount of time", said tado co-founder and CTO Johannes Schwarz. "Internet-connectivity is at the heart of our product and our customers value hassle-free installation, something that Thingsquare Mist helped us bring to our system."

The tado system is available immediately via http://www.tado.com/, with an introductory price of 99 EUR per year.

About tado

tado offers smart heating control for private homes and small businesses. It adjusts to the residents' behavior in real time while taking current weather data and building characteristics into account. The name "tado" is derived from the Japanese greetings "tadaima" and "okaeri". Roughly translated, they mean "I'm back home" and "Welcome home."

Website: http://www.tado.com.

About Thingsquare

Thingsquare is the leading provider of open-source software for the Internet of Things. Founded in 2012 with the aim to simplify the Internet of Things, Thingsquare provides standards-based software to a wide range of customers developing applications for smart homes, smart lighting, and smart cities.

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