TAHU: Health Agents Offer Answers to Mounting Misinformation and Confusion about Affordable Care Act

Nov 05, 2013, 10:00 ET from Texas Association of Health Underwriters

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- One month into the rollout of the Affordable Care Act's Health Information Exchanges, consumer confusion and frustration do not appear to be subsiding. Compounding the turmoil is a growing amount of misinformation that has many consumers more uncertain than ever about the choices they are confronted with in purchasing health insurance coverage for themselves and their families.

Mark Bellman, president of the Texas Association of Health Underwriters, confirmed the growing confusion, "Polls continue to reflect a broad lack of understanding about the new law, confusion about the process and choices for enrollment and an increased frustration with the glitches that have plagued the rollout of the Health Exchanges."

Bellman continued, "An increasing amount of misinformation seems to be adding to these complexities as health agents continue to hear from hundreds of Texans each day with questions that highlight the confusion that exists. The good news is many consumers are reaching out to a professional benefit advisor to get answers and avoiding making costly mistakes with their choices."

Individuals wishing to do so may find a professional benefit adviser in their area by going to Find an Agent.

The following are topics compiled by the Texas Association of Health Underwriters of the ten areas that appear to be generating the most confusion among Texas consumers:

  1. I can keep my current coverage.
    Because the Affordable Care Act (ACA) contains new requirements for coverage many plans currently sold will not be in compliance and will be eliminated. For example, the ACA requires that all policies cover ten essential benefits such as maternity which is currently not included in most individual policies in Texas. An individual currently covered by a non-compliant plan will be forced to change coverage. Employers offering health insurance were given the option of "grandfathering" their existing plans to avoid being forced to change their employees' coverage. If a business did not "grandfather" their existing plan, employee benefits will change and could improve or erode depending on the employer's ability to absorb cost changes resulting from the Affordable Care Act.
  2. I am required to purchase insurance coverage through the Health Insurance Exchange.  Consumers are...Click Here to Download Full Press Release.

SOURCE Texas Association of Health Underwriters