TalentSky Introduces First Skill Development Network

--New platform introduces comprehensive language of work skills for individual and organizational skill assessment and development--

Feb 10, 2016, 09:00 ET from TalentSky, Inc.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Feb. 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Work is always changing. New technologies emerge and ways of doing business evolve. In order to stay relevant, professionals must continually evolve their skills, or "up-skill", to meet new demands and take control of their employability. But if they don't know what skills they need to stay relevant, how can they develop or improve them? TalentSky, a next generation professional skills network, launched today with the mission of solving the growing disconnect between the skills companies require and those that workers possess—a result of a lack of visibility into the evolving workplace. The first-of-its kind platform allows individuals to create detailed skills-based professional profiles and companies to express employment demand as skills, not job descriptions. Individual professionals can create a free account at www.talentsky.com.

"Technology is evolving industries and the skills required by employers at a rate that's unlike anything we've seen in our lifetimes, making it nearly impossible for people who work to navigate these changes, and to understand what they need to do to keep pace. Employers struggle with understanding the skill development needs of their internal talent, or making informed decisions about external talent. The White House recognizes this divergence as a skills-gap crisis," said Rick Devine, Founder and CEO, TalentSky. "TalentSky offers a solution by giving everyone the same access to and understanding of the landscape of skills as they relate to employment. Professionals can showcase their skills, know whether or not they are in demand, and identify areas for skill development to maintain or enhance their employability. Companies can easily identify, follow, and connect with qualified internal and external talent through their current skills and skillsets."

TalentSky's differentiating features include:

  • A comprehensive, curated skills library. The TalentSky skills library includes four skill types—Core Competencies, Expertise, Markets and Tools—all easily discoverable and navigable. To provide the most comprehensive library of skills, TalentSky utilized IBM Kenexa competency frameworks that have been honed over the last 20 years to help global organizations increase the ROI from talent management applications. Now, TalentSky is delivering the first user-suggested, professionally curated skill system, giving users the ability to contribute to the ongoing enhancement of the library while TalentSky maintains consistency for all.
  • The tools to highlight professional development and accomplishment. TalentSky enables individuals to tell their ongoing career stories in terms of skill-associated moments and work achievements to highlight their professional skill development and excellence.
  • The industry's first dynamic skills ranking system. TalentSky's proprietary skill-ranking method helps you understand how you compare to the greater population.
  • Employment demand expressed as skills. Companies can now express their employment demand in terms of role-specific skill sets. When visiting a company's profile, TalentSky matches individuals with the roles most relevant to their backgrounds.
  • Internal skill development. TalentSky provides the talent function a unique perspective on the skill development needs of verified internal employees. These insights create efficiencies for talent mobility, retention, and overall employment satisfaction.
  • The first professional profile verified by employers. TalentSky offers employers the ability to verify their employees' profile, reducing the instances of fraudulent profiles. This enables the company to better provide skill development opportunities to their internal talent.

TalentSky launches with the participation of founding enterprise partners representing a who's who of Fortune 100 and Silicon Valley companies, all of which have come together to express their employment demand in a common skills language to help people navigate the changing world of work. People can compare their skills to those associated with specific roles, helping them understand if and how they might be qualified. To view all companies on TalentSky, visit https://my.talentsky.com/explore/companies.

About TalentSky, Inc.
TalentSky (www.talentsky.com) wants to help people navigate the changing world of work and represents a breakthrough in employment visibility for companies and individuals. Bringing together a first-of-its-kind comprehensive skills library with the power of user-suggested, professionally curated content, the TalentSky platform creates unprecedented transparency into employer skill demand. TalentSky also empowers people to create vibrant, detailed professional profiles that highlight the full breadth of their ongoing skill development. TalentSky is headquartered in Redwood City, CA.


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