Tamkeen-GOYS in Deal to Launch Key Activities in Bahrain

Aug 06, 2013, 17:41 ET from Kingdom of Bahrain

MANAMA, Bahrain, Aug. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Tamkeen and the General Organization for Youth and Sport (GOYS) have signed a partnership agreement to launch the activities of the fourth edition of Youth City 2030. Youth City 2030 is part of the Bahrain Economic Vision.

According to the agreement, the events of Youth City 2030 this year will be held in five major centers—a media center, a leadership development center, an arts center, a science center, and an information technology center. Together, the five centers are expected to attract Bahraini youth whose interests and talents lie within those five key areas.

The Youth City project came as part of the initiatives of the leadership of GOYS, which aim to provide the best in which Bahraini youth can grow and refine their talents. The initiative's ultimate goal is to encourage Bahraini youth to actively participate in the development of the Kingdom.

The collaboration between Tamkeen and GOYS has led to a positive impact on the progress of young people in Bahrain. Youth City 2030 has played an instrumental role in this progress.

Youth City 2030 provides a growth-oriented environment to young Bahrainis in which they can realize their creative thoughts and ideas.

Tamkeen's aim in supporting initiatives like Youth City 2030 is to provide younger generations with the necessary tools and skills to allow them to flourish across all fields and accentuates the importance of supporting them and making them a crucial element in the kingdom's plans.

SOURCE Kingdom of Bahrain