Tampa-Based Complex Beverage, LLC Seeks Investors Partnership

Investor Partners to Receive 40% Profit Shares

Oct 23, 2012, 13:03 ET from Complex Beverage, LLC

TAMPA, Fla., Oct.23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Complex Beverage, a Tampa-based national beverage company, is looking for strategic partners with necessary assets and beverage experience to invest in the company's business. The objective is to effectively strengthen the Lettuce Tea brand gravitation to meet sales and distribution growth within the current marketplace.

"We have already taken significant steps toward growing our brand," said Complex Beverage Founder, Eddy Antoine. "Recently, we signed a non-exclusive agreement with Export-Import EXIM Strategies Corporation, a Texas-based company known to have extensive expertise in foreign markets; their focus is on globalizing the Lettuce Tea brand."

In addition, Complex Beverage has signed a non-exclusive agreement with Nutrition Product International, a Florida-based company handling sales and marketing nationally. Both of these companies have enormous experience and a solid track record increasing new brand sales and distribution momentum.

Consequently, partnering with an investor with beverage expertise will fortify the Lettuce Tea entrance in the drug, health foods, mass merchandisers, convenience and specialty retail stores.

The Lettuce Tea has been inspired by the consumer's attraction for healthy food products. Having more than 25 years in the product and package development process, Eddy Antoine has decided to integrate a cruciferous vegetable liquid extract with black and green tea to deliver an advanced first-of-its-kind tea product trend. In doing so, he has excessively raised the bar to a new challenging level in the tea chemistry development process.

The history of Lettuce Tea is extensive, and recently reanimated by countless nutritionists, doctors, and influential institutions collaboratively validating the magnitude of leafy vegetables health benefits legitimacy.

As for the new alliance, it is expected to produce significant sales and distribution possibilities to further the company's market penetration.

All interested parties are encouraged to exclusively e-mail all bids, inquiries, proposal, and questions to info@complexbeverage.com.

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SOURCE Complex Beverage, LLC