TapImmune Inc. to Present at the Florida Road Show Conference on March 14, 2013

Mar 13, 2013, 09:00 ET from TapImmune Inc.

SEATTLE, March 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- TapImmune Inc. ("TapImmune" or the "Company") (OTCQB: TPIV), an immunotherapy company focused on the development of novel peptide and gene-based vaccine technologies, announced today that the Company will present at the Florida Road Show Conference in Boca Raton, Florida on Thursday, March 14, 2013.  This conference, hosted by Corporate Roadshow and Undiscovered Equities, will feature presentations by CEOs and CFOs of promising emerging growth companies to an invited audience of investment bankers, analysts, hedge-fund managers, top brokers and accredited investors.

Dr. Glynn Wilson, Chairman & CEO of TapImmune will present at the conference and will discuss the clinical program on HER2/neu breast cancer, collaborations in cancer and infectious disease, and progress in the development of a novel expression vector platform at the Company.   Dr. Keith Knutson, whose laboratory at the Mayo Clinic discovered the Class I and Class II HER2/neu antigens being developed by TapImmune, will join Dr. Wilson at the meeting.  Dr. Knutson has recently joined the Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute of Florida as a Research Program Director in Oncology.

A video interview with Dr. Wilson will be available at www.tapimmune.com and at www.corporateroadshow.com under the TapImmune Corporate profile. 

About TapImmune Inc.

TapImmune is a clinical-stage immunotherapy specializing in the development of innovative peptide and gene-based immunotherapeutics and vaccines for the treatment of oncology and infectious disease.   Unlike other vaccine technologies that narrowly address  the initiation of an immune response, TapImmune's ("Prime" and "Boost") approach broadly stimulates the cellular immune system by enhancing  the function of killer T-cells and T-helper cells and by restoring antigen presentation in tumor cells allowing their recognition and killing by the immune system.  A Phase I study at the Mayo Clinic is currently evaluating the safety and immune responses of a set of proprietary HER2/neu antigens that will be part of the "Prime" for a HER2/neu breast cancer vaccine.  The Company is also exploiting the emerging field of vaccinomics for the development of vaccines applicable to a broad patient population.  TapImmune's immunotherapy technologies are also aimed at the prevention of emerging viral pathogens for pandemics and biodefense.

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