Tapping the Power of Consumer Sentiment to Drive Competitive Advantage, WiseWindow Introduces MOBI Vibes 2.0

Business Decision Makers Can Accurately Forecast What Consumers Do BEFORE They Do It

First of its Kind, Real-Time Sentiment Data Measurement Platform Brings Enhanced Clarity to Predictive Mass Opinion Analytics on the Web

Mar 02, 2011, 09:00 ET from WiseWindow

IRVINE, Calif., March 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Harnessing the power of real-time consumer sentiment on the web, WiseWindow (www.wisewindow.com) today launches MOBI 2.0 (Mass Opinion Business Intelligence™) – delivering business decision makers the unmatched ability to identify, measure and qualify consumer intent information before it turns into action. The enhanced platform features a full range of reporting and visualization capabilities drawing real-time continuous consumer sentiment data from billions of online consumer comments across the web.

MOBI 2.0 combines cloud computing, proprietary deep website crawling, relevance recognition and – like IBM's Watson – statistical natural language analysis to discover the topics of people's opinions, allowing business decision makers to quickly get a real-time look at their brands and competitive set. By collecting, analyzing and classifying the billions of unbiased consumer comments made online annually from across the web, MOBI distills the data into a useable form providing an up-to-the-minute view of consumer sentiment. Existing "listening" platforms reflect only the results of keyword search strings.

"MOBI adds a whole new dimension to our business," said Michael Sprague, vice president of marketing and communications, KIA Motors America. "In the old days we'd survey customers 3 months, one year and three years after purchase, analyze the data, then act on the findings. Today, WiseWindow's continuous stream of real-time data not only allows us to immediately understand our consumers' likes and dislikes about specific products and communications, but in essence, we can see into the future. The bottom line is, we can use the tools to understand what favorable products to clone, what challenging items to refine, how consumers feel about the brand, and what we can do to design and engineer ahead of the curve. That makes us really smart."

Marshall Toplansky, President of WiseWindow agrees, "In a world where consumer needs and behaviors can change almost instantly, business decision makers need access to continuous business intelligence sourced from the web that can provide predictive information. With MOBI, WiseWindow proves the true power of the web doesn't lie in listening to what happened in the past, but using information to predict what consumers will demand in the future, how they will react to competitive developments and what they expect from your products and services."

MOBI 2.0 Features and Capabilities: MOBI data shows how a brand, product or company is viewed in the mind of consumers, and against its competition. The huge volume of mass opinion and the consistency of MOBI data allow leading indicators and predictive models to be built; models significantly more accurate and timely than those simply based on periodic and episodic information. In addition to using advanced statistical natural language analysis to discover the topics of peoples' opinions, MOBI 2.0 also creates quantifiable meta data metrics from the volume, share, sentiment and topic of mass opinions. That data is then used to track a brand or product's performance or to be added to a multi-variate predictive model. WiseWindow's data solutions have been used with great accuracy by media outlets to predict election outcomes and reflect viewer opinions on key issues; by consumer electronics companies to anticipate holiday buying behavior and volume. Other industries being measured include airline, automobile, healthcare, and politics.

"The failure of many business intelligence tools today is they only help users find the answers to the questions they already know. With MOBI, users can identify information that helps them discover new questions and unexpected ways to look at their markets and brands. MOBI 2.0 allows our customers to not only find out the frequency and volume of consumer sentiment, but ultimately, what action they intend to take. This level of business intelligence has tremendous value that extends across the entire enterprise," added Toplansky. To learn more about MOBI 2.0 log into http://www.wisewindow.com/index.php

About WiseWindow

The brainchild of some of the industry's leading thinkers on cloud computing and market research, WiseWindow – a syndicated data provider, has patented technology that for the first time allows businesses to predict and measure consumer purchasing and behavioral intent around brands, products, and companies in real-time. Mass Opinion Business Intelligence™ (MOBI) analyzes and classifies the billions of comments made online and distills the information into a pre-defined, structured database.  Through a combination of web crawling, artificial intelligence, advanced probabilistic engine and natural language software, MOBI gathers data automatically and continuously in real-time; provides a competitive outlook, allows businesses to discover information they weren't even looking for. For more information about WiseWindow, please visit www.wisewindow.com.

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