TASC: Sandoval Lies to Nevadans Again

Feb 13, 2016, 11:00 ET from The Alliance for Solar Choice

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 13, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Following the Commission's decision to reject proposals that would keep existing solar customers on net metering for 20 years, Governor Brian Sandoval stated that "the PUC did not reach the outcome [he] had hoped for" and that he had "remained optimistic that the Commission would find a solution that considered the economic consequences to existing rooftop-solar owners." Sandoval is lying to Nevadans yet again. Here's the full truth.

Governor Sandoval has for months claimed that he has no responsibility for the actions of his own appointees. Yet on January 22nd, he took credit for five new large scale projects that line NV Energy's pockets, and that were approved by the same Commissioners. The most recent project was approved nearly simultaneously with the decision to eliminate residential solar in Nevada.

The fact is that Sandoval has weighed in the rooftop solar debate, but only to repeat NV Energy's talking points. Here are a few examples of the numerous statements he's made to this effect:

  • On December 23rd, immediately after the Commission's decision to eliminate the solar industry, Governor Sandoval parroted NV Energy's talking points, saying "traditional energy consumers are subsidizing rooftop solar consumers" despite the fact that his own Commission conducted a study finding just the opposite.
  • In a television interview on January 7th, Governor Sandoval said that non-solar Nevada customers were "essentially subsidizing" the 17,000 solar customers in Nevada. But when challenged on how much the subsidy was, Sandoval admitted that he hadn't done the math.
  • On April 15th, during the legislative session, Governor Sandoval asked "Should those without rooftop solar pay a higher rate on their electric bill for the insertion of rooftop solar across the state?" While admitting that was only one side's perspective, he made no attempt to offer a balanced opinion.

The truth is that had Sandoval hoped for a different outcome, he could have stood for Nevadans instead of NV Energy's monopoly at many points along the way:

  • Sandoval could have called a special session of the Legislature to protect Nevadans. And he can do so now.
  • Sandoval could have recalled the three sitting Commissioners who made this illegal decision, as thousands of Nevadans have called on him to do. And he can do so now.
  • Sandoval could have simply weighed in on behalf of Nevadans instead of NV Energy's monopoly, as numerous state legislators, Congresswoman Dina Titus and Senator Harry Reid have done.

Instead, Sandoval has stuck to NV Energy's script. A script no doubt provided to him by NV Energy's two top lobbyists, who simultaneously serve as de facto members of his Administration. And Sandoval is now desperately trying to hide his text messages with these lobbyists to again cover up the truth about who provided these talking points.

"After waiting for his Commissioners to eliminate thousands of solar jobs and harm thousands of Nevadans who made good faith investments in Nevada's energy future, Sandoval is now desperately trying to re-write history." said Bryan Miller, President of the Alliance for Solar Choice. "It's sad that Sandoval is lying yet again to Nevadans. But the truth will soon come out."

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