Tasktop Announces IBM Rational Team Concert Integration for Eclipse Mylyn

New connector provides Agile task management and ALM interoperability for Rational Team Concert

Jun 07, 2010, 09:03 ET from Tasktop Technologies

VANCOUVER, June 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Tasktop Technologies (www.tasktop.com), creators of Eclipse Mylyn and a leading provider of task management for application lifecycle management (ALM), today announced the IBM Rational Team Concert Mylyn Connector. The new connector enables Mylyn's task-focused interface technology for Rational Team Concert, which is designed to improve developer productivity by displaying only the source code that is relevant for each work item. This reduces information overload and provides a mechanism for one-click multitasking and interruption recovery. In addition, this latest ALM connector from Tasktop has successfully completed the "Ready for IBM Rational Software" technical validation.

"Rational Team Concert provides a comprehensive and modern ALM experience for organizations adopting Agile," said Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop Technologies and creator of the open source Eclipse Mylyn project. "Tasktop now brings the benefits of task management to the growing number of developers using Team Concert. This enables developers to instantly resume their coding session when switching Team Concert work items, automatically track and update time estimates on user stories, and link between Team Concert and more than 50 ALM integrations provided by the Mylyn ecosystem."  

IBM Rational Team Concert is a complete Agile collaborative development environment providing Agile planning, source code management, work item management, build management and project health, along with integrated reporting and process support. Tasktop's task management tools complement Team Concert's Eclipse integration by re-organizing the development environment around Team Concert tasks, such as work items. This helps improve developer productivity by automatically presenting only the most relevant source code and project management information associated with each task, making it effortless to switch tasks and recover from interruptions with a single click. The Rational Team Concert Connector builds on Mylyn's integration layer to seamlessly operate alongside IBM Rational ClearQuest and other ALM solutions. Now, Team Concert users can access, prioritize and link work items from multiple ALM systems through a unified personal task list.

"Having Eclipse Mylyn connectors for Team Concert, ClearQuest and ClearCase brings the innovation and productivity benefits of Mylyn's task-focused interface to development teams leveraging IBM Rational's Collaborative ALM platform," said Stephen Lauzon, senior manager, ISV Strategy and Technical Enablement, IBM Rational Business Development. "These Mylyn integrations leverage the OSLC specification for interoperability and exemplify how development teams benefit from the new standard, which enables lifecycle tools to work together."

Tasktop also offers a "Ready for IBM Rational Software" validated Mylyn connector for IBM Rational ClearQuest. The connector allows developers to query ClearQuest to access change requests from Eclipse. Developers can then quickly view and update requests without leaving Eclipse or repeatedly switching to a ClearQuest client or web browser. Teams using ClearQuest can focus the Eclipse UI on only the code that is relevant for each change request and take advantage of task-focused programming productivity. In addition, Tasktop offers connectors for IBM Rational ClearCase, Change and Synergy.


The Rational Team Concert Connector is included in Tasktop Enterprise and currently available as part of the Tasktop Early Access program. For more information or to evaluate the connector, please visit (http://tasktop.com/connectors/rtc).

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Tasktop Technologies is the company behind the Eclipse Mylyn ALM integration framework and its revolutionary task-focused interface technology. The task-focused interface is proven to make developers more productive by showing only the relevant information for each task, dramatically reducing search time and facilitating multitasking. Tasktop Pro is the company's enterprise-ready product based on Mylyn, with task-focused support for web browsing, time tracking, documents, email and calendars. Tasktop Technologies also provides consulting, connector development services and training to the growing number of companies adopting the task-focused paradigm and tools. For more information please visit www.tasktop.com.

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