Tasktop Technologies To Sponsor Agile2012 Conference

Industry's leading conference on Agile development brings together the industry's foremost luminaries to share best practices and techniques

Aug 08, 2012, 12:12 ET from Tasktop Technologies

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Aug. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Tasktop Technologies (tasktop.com), creator of Eclipse Mylyn and the leader for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) integration, today announced its sponsorship of Agile2012, the leading international conference focused on advancing Agile methods for software development set for Aug. 13 – 17 in Grapevine, Texas (http://agile2012.agilealliance.org/). As a Silver Sponsor, Tasktop continues its support of the growing Agile community as development, management and business stakeholders in the software development industry gather to exchange ideas, experiences and best practices.

"As we prepare to kick-off Agile2012 we are pleased to have the support of Tasktop as we come together to foster the exchange of fresh ideas and best practices," said Mitch Lacey, Agile2012 conference chair for the Agile Alliance "Through the support of our sponsors the Agile conference continues to offer the most relevant and current content, while providing the community a forum to exchange information regarding all Agile development technologies."

Agile2012 offers multiple 'stages' to attract audiences with different interests. The stages within the program are proven to provide participants with a focused area of interest while offering attendees a wide choice of topics to choose from. Agile2012 will host a number of exciting and beneficial stages, including: adoption and transformation, Agile boot camp, business value/working with stakeholders, coaching and mentoring, collaboration culture and teams, development practices and craftsmanship, distributed Agile, enterprise Agile, insights, leadership, no-bull know-how,  open jam, research in practice and user experience.

Agile2012 attendees have the opportunity to explore the latest Agile development methodologies, technologies, tools, leadership principles, management philosophies and processes. The conference program provides insights into new and practical approaches for Agile success that attendees can immediately put into practice within their organizations.

Tasktop helps software organizations implement enterprise-wide Agile and ALM modernization initiatives by connecting developers, through Tasktop Dev, and cross-functional enterprise teams, through Tasktop Sync, to automate the entire application lifecycle. All Tasktop products leverage the Eclipse Mylyn integration framework to provide a more strategic, standardized and scalable synchronization solution than typical point-to point-batch process integrations. Its tools provide visibility into ALM work flow, real-time data sharing of cross-function activities, and insight into actual performance and business value. IT organizations use Tasktop to synchronize and automate development processes to deliver market value quicker, reduce inefficiencies and promote collaboration and innovation by connecting individuals and teams across the enterprise.

"Every year, the world's foremost Agile practitioners gather to share the latest techniques, methods and innovations, and we expect Agile2012 to again include a significant portion of the Tasktop partner ecosystem in attendance," said Neelan Choksi, President and COO of Tasktop Technologies. "Throughout the years, the Agile Conference has been a launching point for a variety of Tasktop initiatives including Tasktop Sync, Tasktop's cross-repository Agile planning tools, and we are excited about our new initiatives that we will unveil at Agile2012.  Tasktop is proud of the important role we play in driving adoption of Agile in the enterprise by connecting the industry's foremost Agile software development tools with the world leading development, project management, and quality assurance tools."

For registration information and to attend Agile2012 please visit (http://agile2012.agilealliance.org/).

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About the Agile Alliance

The Agile Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the concepts of Agile software development, as outlined in the (http://www.agilemanifesto.org/). With nearly 6,000 members located around the globe, the Agile Alliance is driven by the principles of Agile methodologies and the value delivered to developers, organizations and end users. The Agile Alliance organizes the annual Agile Conference, the industry's leading event that attracts practitioners, academia, business and vendor-partner community members from around the globe. The Agile2012 Conference (http://agile2012.agilealliance.org/) is scheduled for August 13-17 in Grapevine (Dallas area). For more information about the organization, visit (http://www.agilealliance.org/).

About Tasktop Technologies

Tasktop Technologies is the industry's leading provider of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) automation and integration software. Thousands of IT organizations depend on Tasktop's commercial and open source solutions to connect developers, testers, business analysts and project managers who use a wide variety of Agile and ALM tools hosted both on premise and in the cloud. By automating and connecting the software lifecycle, Tasktop is solving one of the biggest challenges facing large-scale software delivery organizations – the complete disconnect and brittle integrations of ALM tools. Its Task Federation™ technology delivers on the promise of a unified ALM stack through a partner ecosystem that integrates more than 70 disparate ALM tools with real-time connectivity and cross-repository workflow support.  Tasktop created and leads the Eclipse Mylyn project, with more than 2 million downloads per month, upon which its commercial Tasktop Sync ALM middleware and Tasktop Dev IDE tools are based. All Tasktop tools are built to enable organizations to gain a competitive advantage in today's software-driven economy by providing the ALM Automation™ needed to gain visibility, predictability and productivity across the software development lifecycle.  For more information, visit (http://tasktop.com).

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