Taste the Millionaires' Lifestyle With iVIP Red

Jan 05, 2010, 03:00 ET from IVIP

LONDON, January 5 /PRNewswire/ -- iVIP have released iVIP Red, a free version of iTunes' most expensive application, iVIP Black.

See it in iTunes here:


iVIP Black, the 'Millionaires' App', gives iVIP members preferential rates and privilege access across a range of luxury partners including Supercars, Private Members' Clubs, a Concierge, and more. The price also includes a lifestyle consultation, where an iVIP consultant discusses how the app can be moulded and developed around your wants, needs, and desires.

Those purchasing iVIP Black are required to certify they are high net worth individuals to ensure this consultation is worthwhile.

iVIP Red gives an insight into these privileges - a taste of the millionaires' luxury lifestyle.

iVIP Marketing Director Matthew Rowe said:

'We want to give people a preview of the benefits iVIP membership provides - and iVIP Red does give access to a limited number of iVIP privileges.

We're confident that when users see the range of privileges within iVIP Black - which are being added to all the time - they will see that not only is it the iPhone's first premium lifestyle application, it is value for money too'

iVIP Members must use the premium services within iVIP (which come at additional cost) to benefit from the privileges on offer.

Also available is iVIP Blue, which contains the same privileges and benefits but at GBP279.99 for the year, without the lifestyle consultation.

    View iVIP Blue here:

    And iVIP Black here:

    You can download iVIP Red now, for free, via iTunes here:

For more information contact iVIP Marketing Director Matthew Rowe on: matthew.rowe@ivipworld.com, +44-(0)-7860-141-231