Tata Chemicals Wins Top ICIS Innovation Award

Oct 10, 2010, 22:58 ET from ICIS

LONDON, October 11, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- ICIS (http://www.icis.com ), a leading global provider of news and information for the chemical and energy sectors, today announces the winners in the ICIS Innovation Awards 2010 (http://www.icis.com/awards ).

The annual awards are supported by Dow Corning (http://www.dowcorning.com ) as lead sponsor, with CRA International (http://www.crai.com/chemicals ) sponsoring the category for Best Product Innovation and U.S. Chemicals (http://www.uschemicals.com ) sponsoring the category for Innovation with Best Environmental Benefit.

Overall winner for 2010

The panel of five leading industry experts (see below) awarded Tata Chemicals of India the prize for best overall innovation.

This is the second year the ICIS Innovation Awards have selected an overall winner. In 2009, the Award was won by CECA/Arkema of France

    The winners of the four award categories are:

    Best Product Innovation
    Tata Chemicals (India)

    Best Innovation by an SME
    NiTech Solutions (Scotland)

    Best Business Innovation
    Huntsman Advanced Materials (Switzerland)

    Innovation with Best Environmental Benefit
    Teijin Fibers (Japan)

These four innovative companies were chosen as the best from the shortlist of 15 entrants, details of which were published earlier this year in the 2 August issue of ICIS Chemical Business ( http://tinyurl.com/InnovationAwardsSL2010 ).

Full details of the winning entries and interviews on innovation strategy with the sponsors are published in today's 11 October issue of ICIS Chemical Business. View the article here http://cde.cerosmedia.com/1X4caee2d8b0ccf443.cde .

(See below for full details of the winning innovations.)

Awards highlight environmental and sustainability themes

John Baker, who manages the Innovation Awards at ICIS, commented that: "The Awards continue to highlight the best the chemical industry has to offer in the way of innovation and providing solutions to society's needs. Increasingly, entries are focused around helping the environment and maintaining the sustainability of the industry, as well as helping customers and driving bottom line growth for companies."

ICIS congratulates all the winners and indeed all those companies that reached the short-list. The Awards will be presented at a lunch in London on 10 December.


    Best Product Innovation/Overall Winner

    Tata Chemicals
    Ramakrishnan Mukundan
    Tata Swach nanotech water purifier

Mumbai, India-based Tata Chemicals has designed a novel purifier for drinking water that uses a combination of natural materials - ­silicaceous material derived from rice husks - and cutting-edge nanotechnology in the form of minute particles of silver. The Tata Swach delivers safe drinking water at low cost and has a safety cut-off so that when the purifying capacity of the filter cartridge is exhausted, the water flow is stopped.

    Best Innovation by an SME

    NiTech Solutions
    Ian Laird and Xiong-wei Ni with Peter McDonnell (Genzyme)
    Use of innovative NiTech reactor by Genzyme to manufacture one of its

Working with Genzyme, Scotland's NiTech has commercialized its novel tubular baffled reactor (TBR) to make a pharmaceutical active ingredient (API) in the multi-hundred tonne/year range. The continuous reactor has advantages over batch reactors conventionally used. It creates uniform mixing throughout the reactor and works well with a three-phase solid/gas/liquid system. It has a smaller footprint than conventional stirred tank reactors and reduces the carbon footprint and capital cost.

    Best Business Innovation

    Huntsman Advanced Materials
    Philippe Michaud
    New generation of rapid manufacturing equipment and resins

With its Araldite(R) Digitalis(R) polymeric additive fabrication system, Huntsman Advanced Materials, based in Basel, Switzerland, has transformed rapid manufacturing of 3D parts using stereolithography, opening up significant potential for its UV-curable photopolymers in what it estimates is a $1.2bn/year market. At the heart of the innovation is a radical new exposure system, which uses computer-controlled micro-mechanical shutters, allowing a large surface area of photopolymer to be exposed (cf a photo-copier) resulting in the fast production of parts.

    Innovation with Best Environmental Benefit

    Teijin Fibers
    Nobuyoshi Miyasaka
    ECO CIRCLE innovative closed-loop recycling system for polyester

Japan's Teijin Fibers has addressed the problem of polyester recycling using a chemical recycling technology that decomposes polyester in clothes and textiles into new polyester raw materials with purity comparable to virgin materials. Marketed as ECO CIRCLE, the closed-loop recycling system is claimed to significantly reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions compared to producing polyester from new raw materials and disposing of the product at the end of life by incineration. Teijin is working with more than 130 companies worldwide to develop recyclable products and collect them for recycling using a plant at its Matsuyama factory in Japan.


    1. The awards are organized by ICIS, the chemical publishing arm of Reed
       Business Information, part of global publishing group Reed Elsevier.

    2. ICIS is based in the UK, with offices in Sutton, Surrey. It also has
       offices in Singapore and New York and Houston in the US.

    3. This is the seventh year of the awards. The originator and organizer
       of the awards is John Baker, the head of custom publishing at ICIS
       and a former editor of ICIS Chemical Business (formerly known as
       European Chemical News).
       Contact: john.baker@icis.com; Tel: +44-20-8652-3153.

    4. The awards have been sponsored for all seven years by Dow Corning,
       which has a strong focus on innovation and R&D as part of its growth

    5. The judges this year were:

       Dr Neil Checker, vice president and head of the Europe and Middle East
       region for chemicals at CRA International

       Dr Alfred Oberholz, ex-Evonik Industries board member for research and

       Simon Smith, CEO, RockTron

       Dr Graham Hillier, director of strategy and futures at the UK's Centre
       for Process Innovation

       Dr Gregg Zank, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Dow

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    The winning companies can be contacted as follows:

    Tata Chemicals
    Chintan Joshi
    Corporate Communications
    Tel: +91-22-6665-7496
    Email: chintan.joshi@tatachemicals.com

    Huntsman Advanced Materials
    Benjamin Wiekenberg
    Marketing communication
    Tel: +41-61-299-2280
    Email: benjamin_wiekenberg@huntsman.com

    Teijin Fibers
    Rie Mashiba
    Public relations & investor relations
    Tel: +81-3-3506-4055
    Email: pr@teijin.co.jp

    NiTech Solutions
    Ian Laird, managing director
    Tel: +44-777-582-6966
    Email: ian.laird@nitechsolutions.co.uk

    For further information, please contact

    John Baker
    Tel: + 44-20-8652-3153
    Email: john.baker@icis.com
    Web site: http://www.icis.com

    Jarrod Erpelding
    Dow Corning
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    Web site: http://www.dowchemical.com

    Dr Neil Checker
    CRA International
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    Email: nchecker@crai.com
    Web site: http://www.crai.com/chemicals

    Carol Piccaro
    U.S. Chemicals LLC
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