Taxi Clash Demonstrates the Value of Car Hire in Ibiza, Say Ritmo Cars

Mar 15, 2010, 14:21 ET from Ritmo Cars

IBIZA, Spain, March 15 /PRNewswire/ -- A CLASH between an Ibiza taxi owner and one of his drivers has revealed that a single taxi could bring in almost 2,000 pounds Sterling a day – or more than 50,000 pounds in one of the summer months when tourism is at its peak.

The driver was working only four hours a day for the owner of the taxi, but he admitted that, during his last three days of work, he had made over 1,000 pounds in fares – equivalent to a nice rate of around 88 pounds an hour.

The case highlights the huge sums of money that minicabs – both legal and illegal – can rake in on the island.

An alternative option is to hire a car. Ritmo Cars offer some very competitive rates for car hire in Ibiza (because of the large volume of tourists to the island, Ibiza car hire prices are generally highly competitive).

Since it is almost impossible to cater for the unpredictable number of extra visitors who arrive during high summer, it can be hard at times to hire a car at certain times in the summer months. People who want to hire a car are advised to book a car as soon as they are sure of the dates of their visit to Ibiza.

Ibiza car hire in Ibiza gives visitors a chance to see more of the island than just the packed streets and hectic nightlife.

They can, for example, drive over to the west coast of Ibiza, to see its stunning coastline, or find the ideal, secret spot to soak up the sun – far away from the overheated streets where taxi owners clash with their drivers.

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