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Looking to get carted around Los Angeles like a VIP? Go with Beverly Hills Cab Co.

Mar 07, 2012, 13:18 ET from Beverly Hills Cab Co.

LOS ANGELES, March 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Here in Los Angeles, celebrities are part of the landscape. A handful of actors and executives will draw a crowd, but in our city, even the rich and famous have to wait in line at coffee shops, push shopping carts, and pick their kids up from school. Seeing them taking care of everyday business means without much trouble, the rest of us can go out at night looking and feeling like celebrities as long as we dress the part. But you'd better not be seen driving around in that jalopy of yours. With taxi service from Beverly Hills Cab Co., you can pop out right in front of the velvet rope, and get yourself seen looking composed and ready for photographers. No other Los Angeles taxi company can give you that!

The celebrity experience at Beverly Hills Cab Co. starts when you call. With their world class customer service, they are number one in making customers know they're valued. Unlike other providers of taxi service in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills Cab Co. has a friendly and knowledgeable operator waiting to dispatch your cab, and this is making other cab companies with their unfriendly, robotic operators nervous. After all, if the ride goes smoothly, the friendly phone service might be more memorable than the ride itself, which is why Beverly Hills Cab Co. is getting so much repeat patronage these days.

The car itself contributes to the feeling that you're a very important person too. Famous people might have their own fancy rides, but when they go out on short notice, they have the same choices of taxi service you do. The celebrities that have chosen Beverly Hills Cab Co. generally go unreported in the tabloids, because the ride is conflict free. When the service is great, what is there to report? The reason for the choice is clear: these are clean, well-maintained cabs, and at Beverly Hills Cab Co. they know image is important. The nice, blue exterior of one of the models of car that Beverly Hills Cab Co. provides will look as good as your outfit when you arrive at that nightclub or fancy restaurant.

Furthermore, Beverly Hills Cab Co. has drivers who are known for treating customers right. But celebrities also need someone with unparalleled driving ability. No other company you can call for a taxi in Los Angeles has seasoned drivers this highly trained, ready to avoid traffic, and prepared to safely and comfortably handle the rigors of LA's roads. Whether you're headed out for the night, or just needing LAX pickup, a trip across town, or you're in a pinch and you need a ride, the VIPs and average Joes alike turn to the premier taxi service in Los Angeles: Beverly Hills Cab Co.

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