TCA'S Holiday Party: Good Cheer, Dancing, and ... Fast Pitches by Non-Profits?

Tech Coast Angels Fosters Social Entrepreneurism during its annual holiday gathering.

Dec 09, 2010, 15:48 ET from Tech Coast Angels

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Dec. 9, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Tech Coast Angels, the largest angel investing group in the US and the most active venture capital investment organization in Southern California, celebrated its holiday party last night. Like many corporate holiday parties, it was a fun night of great food, friendship, entertainment, and dancing. However, the centerpiece for this year's party was a fast pitch event for local charities.

Corinne Jayaweera, an event planner, noted: "TCA is comprised of many of the true movers and shakers of our local economy. To give you an idea, my husband and I were the only people at our table of 10 at last year's party who didn't own their own private plane or yacht. Yet, what struck me most is that the TCA members I've met have all been highly accomplished, yet approachable, down to earth, and driven by a desire to help their community – normally by supporting and mentoring budding entrepreneurs."

JJ Richa, TCA's OC event committee chair, acknowledged: "Through this forum, the Angels are going beyond only supporting entrepreneurs by giving back to the OC non-profit community."

Corinne continued, "When JJ approached me about planning this year's event, I wanted to showcase this other side of TCA most outsiders don't see – it has a big heart and a desire to help its community by promoting entrepreneurial ideals, even among non-profits."

Ginny Wright, the OC volunteer coordinator for Shoes that Fit who won first place at this inaugural holiday fast pitch, enthused: "This wasn't merely about winning, or even raising ongoing support for our group. For me, the fast pitch experience and the opportunity to encourage people to think about others, especially during this holiday time, was priceless."

Women Helping Women and Assisteens of Irvine, rounded out the top three charities at the event.

Kim Wiig, TCA OC's Network Director, noted: "The event was flawless. We weren't sure how our members would react to having a mix of a casino night, swing dancing, and a fast pitch – but the result was fantastic."

Stu Roberts, President for TCA OC, concluded: "Though our meet-the-angel mixers, fast pitch contests and member mentoring, TCA is an organization committed to aiding the entrepreneurial community in Southern California. Join us at,, or"

SOURCE Tech Coast Angels