Tea: The Future is Green and Herbal - Global Markets, Competitors and Opportunities - 2013-2018 Analysis and Forecasts

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Tea: The Future is Green and Herbal - Global Markets, Competitors and Opportunities - 2013-2018 Analysis and Forecasts



Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. The market for Tea is growing rapidly. Rising consumer awareness about the health hazards of carbonated drinks is leading to a shift towards Teas of all types. Another major driver is the increasing awareness by consumers that certain type of Tea can both prevent and cure various diseases. Aging populations in Japan, Europe and the US also are increasing demand for Tea because of its anti-ageing properties.

As a result of these trends, Tea is now found everywhere including supermarkets, health and natural foods stores, drug stores, mass merchandisers and Tea rooms, among others. New Tea brands and products are appearing weekly. And pharmaceutical products based on Tea are under development.

The global market for Tea is very large and estimated at USD15.4 billion in 2013, in terms of production value. While the Black/Other Teas segment is growing modestly (3.9% annually), production of Green tea is growing rapidly (11% CAGR) and Herbal Teas are growing exponentially (>15% CAGR).

Despite the exploding demand for Tea, little has been published on this market, especially the Green and Herbal segments. This report looks in detail at the Tea market. Specifically, it provides:

• A comprehensive overview on the market for Tea products by type, including Black and Other teas (Oolong, White, Yellow, etc.) Green tea, and Herbal teas, e.g. Yerba Mate, Chamomile, Echinacea, Ginseng, etc.

• A thorough review of Tea's health effects-especially on heart disease, cancer, diabetes, neurological diseases, renal disease, dementia, oral health, intestinal problems and ageing.

• Research trends on the use of Green and Herbal teas for curing and preventing various diseases.

• Analysis of global Tea production volume and value by type and region during the 2013-2018 period, exports, imports, price trends and the competitive environment.

Additionally, profiles of 172 leading, public and private companies involved in the Tea industry as producers, distributors, retailers and consultants are given. The report also includes 61 tables and 20 figures.

Keywords Imports, Exports, Medicinal plants, Tea-based pharmaceuticals




BackgroundMethodology and SourcesStatistical Notes


- Introduction- Cultivation and Harvesting- Tea Processing And Classification- Green Tea- Yellow And Fermented- Oolong And White- Processing Steps- Type Specific Processing: White Tea, Green Tea, Yellow Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea- Post-Fermented Tea- Tea Blending And Additives- Varieties Of Blended Tea: Breakfast Tea, Afternoon Tea, Russian Caravan - Scented Teas- Flavoring: flowers, Herbs, Other- Contaminant Problems: Fluoride, Aluminum, Oxalates- Hot Drinking Temperature- Tea Culture- Preparation- Serving- Additives- Packaging- Tea Bags- Loose Tea- Compressed Tea- Instant Tea- Bottled And Canned Tea- Storage- Chinese Pesticide Issues- Fair Trade- Fraud Issues And DNA Testing- DNA Barcoding Of Herbal Tea


- Market Segments: Black/Other, Green, Herbal- Global Tea Production Value By Segment- Black/Green/Other Tea Production- Black/Green/Other Tea Production By Region- Black/Green/Other Tea Exports Volume By Region And Country- Black/Green/Other Tea Exports Volume And Value By Country- Sri Lanka Black Tea Exports By Country- Kenya Tea Exports By Country- China Black, Other Tea Exports By Country- India Tea Exports By Country- Global Tea Imports By Region- Global Tea Imports By Country- US Black And Green Tea Imports- US Black Tea Imports By Country- Instant Tea Production- Global Tea Consumption- Per Capita Tea Consumption By Country- Competitive Environment- Tea Supply Chain- Tea Producers- Processors- Trade Phase- Auctions- Brokers- Blenders- Retail- Sustainability Issues - Social Issues- Environmental Issues- Economic Issues- Current Approaches To Sustainability- Existing Certification Standards- Priorities For Future Investment- US Tea Market- US Retail Tea Sales By Channel- Revival Of Tea Rooms


- Main Causes Of Chronic Diseases- Reactive Oxygen Species- Heterocyclic Aromatic Amines- Tea As A Health-Promoting Beverage- Tea And Heart Disease Prevention- Tea And Cancer Prevention- Control Of Growth And Apoptosis By Tea- Anti-Diabetic Effects Of Tea- Tea And Renal Disease- Tea And Dementia- Tea And Oral Health- Intestinal Microflora Is Improved In Tea Drinkers- Effect Of Tea Polyphenols On ROS And Ageing- Recent Advances On Green Tea Polyphenols- Tea Polyphenols- Pharmacokinetics And Bioavailability Of Green Tea- Chemical Properties Of Tea Constituents- Epidemiological Studies- Gastrointestinal Cancer- Breast Cancer- Pancreatic Cancer And Ovarian Cancer- Prostate Cancer- Lung Cancer- Clinical Trials Of Green Tea- Chemoprevention Trials- Future Direction


- Green Tea Production- Green Tea Share Of Total Tea Production- Green Tea Exports Share Of Production - Green Tea Production By Country- Green Tea Exports By Country- China Green Tea Exports By Country- Sri Lanka Green Tea Exports By Country- US Green Tea Imports By Country


- Modern Herbal Medicine- Biological Background- Medicinal Plant Transcriptomics Database- Herbal Preparations- Safety- Government Regulations- Extinction Of Medicinal Plant Species- Tissanes And Herbal Teas- Health Benefits- Antioxidant Properties- Health Risks- Contamination- Composition- Major Herbal Tea Varieties- Ayurvedic Tea- Herbal And Medicinal Tea Market Estimation Problems- Medicinal Plant Market- US Herbal And Medicinal Tea Retail Sales- US Herbal And Medicinal Tea Retail Sales By Channel- US Herbal And Medicinal Plant Production- Herbal And Medicinal Tea Market- Herbal Tea Market Opportunity


- Description- Cultivation- Use As A Beverage- Chemical Composition And Properties- Xanthines- Vitamin And Mineral Content- Mechanism Of Action- E-NTPDase Activity- Antioxidants- Health Effects- Lipid Metabolism- Obesity- Antimicrobial- Anticonvulsant, Neuroprotective And Behavioral Effects - Bone Density- Risks- Cancer Risk- Fungal Risk- Production- Exports- Imports- Trade Balance And Prices- Trade Indicators- Argentina Production And Exports- Leading Producers


- Ginseng History- Ethnobotany- Chemical Constituents - Pharmacokinetics- Mechanism Of Action- Clinical Indications- Neurodegenerative Diseases- Improved Cerebral Functions- Parkinson's Disease- Alzheimer's Disease- Huntington's Disease- Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis- Multiple Sclerosis- Pain Relief- Anti-Diabetic Efficacy- Improving Liver Functions- Blood Pressure- Anti-fatigue And Anti-stress- Female Climacteric Disorder- Male Sexual Dysfunctions- AIDS Virus (HIV)- Anti-oxidation And Anti-aging - Cardiovascular Diseases- Cancer- Side Effects And Toxicity- Warnings And Contraindications- Global Ginseng Production- Ginseng Production Value By Country- Processed Ginseng Market- South Korea Ginseng Market- Ginseng Export Market- Ginseng Import Market- Ginseng Trade Balance- Ginseng Import Volume And Prices- Trade Indicators- Prices


- Description- Bioactive Constituents - Healthcare Preparations - Traditional Use Of Chamomile- Scientific Evaluation Of Chamomile- TBS-101- Contraindications And Safety Issues- Chamomile Global Production- Chamomile Markets- Essential Oils Market- Chamomile Prices


- Description- Medicinal Effects- Traditional Uses Of Echinacea- Antiviral Activities- Respiratory Virus Infections- Causes Of Respiratory Symptoms- Influenza Virus Type A- Antiviral Activities Of Echinacea Purpurea- Effects Of EP On Virus-Infected Cells- Mucin Secretion- Antibacterial Activities- Skin Infections- Antioxidant Properties- Effects of EP On Immune Cell Functions- Cancer- NK Cells And Aging- No Toxic Level- No Toxic Level- Too Much of a Good Thing- Combination Therapy In Leukemia Combat- Veterinary Applications- Standardization And Herb Mixtures- Conclusions- US Echinacea Production- Prices


Akbar Brothers Ltd.Alvita TeaAmbo ExportsArizona Beverage Company LLC Asahi Soft Drinks Co. Ltd Asian Tea & Exports Ltd. Balaji Agro International Barry's Tea Battler Tea Bigelow Tea Company Bird's Nest Brassica Teas Bubble Tea Supply Australia CCCI Cape Natural Tea Products Carritt Moran & Co. Pvt. Ltd.Ceylon Black Tea Company Ceylon Tea Exotica Chakratea Chamong Tee Exports Pvt. Ltd. China FML Tea Trading Co., Ltd. China Mist Tea Company China Xiamen Mingren Tea Co. Ltd Choice Organic Teas Clipper Teas Ltd Coetzee & Coetzee (Pty) Ltd. Cooper Tea CompanyCrescent International (Pvt) Ltd DavidsTeaD.C.Ghose & Co (A) Pvt. Ltd. Dean FoodsDPH GmbH Darshanlal Jagdish Parshad - Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. Establecimiento Las MaríasEuropean Tea Suppliers Expolanka Teas (Pvt) Ltd FETCO Corporation Fine Thai Teas Finlay Tea Solutions Finlays Four C (4C) Foods Future Generation Co. Ltd Fuze Beverages LLC GE Barbours Inc. Girnar Group Global Tea Brokers Global Tea Ltd. GmbH i. Gr. Gokul International Gold Peak Gold Scarab Golzar Hain Celestial Group Inc. Haelssen and Lyon Harney & Sons Tea Harris Tea Company Hangzhou Choisun Tea Sci-Tech Co., Ltd. Herbal Teas International Heritage Teas Honest Tea House of Tea Tang Hunan Kinglong Bio-resource Inc. Imperial Teas (Pvt) Limited Infusion GB Ito En James Finley JFK International JinYuXuan Jing Tea Ltd. J. Thomas & Co. Pvt. LtdKaburagien Co Ltd Kagoshima Tea Kas & Kami International Kayan Agro Industries & Co. Pvt. Ltd. Kirin Beverage Company, Ltd Koala Tea Company KrausLapis Teahouse Leika Tea LEROS Herbal Teas Limtex Limited Lipton Lochan Tea Maxwell House Mcleod Russel India Ltd. Metropolitan Tea Company Milo's Tea CompanyMingCha Premium Chinese Tea MKB (Asia) Pvt. Ltd. Monster Beverage CorporationMonteray Bay Spice CompanyMorinaga & Co. Ltd Mountain Rose Herbs M & P's Tea Nagata Chaen Nathmulls Tea Exports International NesteaNumi Organic TeaOrganic India Out of Africa Trading * Peet's Coffee & Tea, Inc., POM WonderfulPremier's Tea Limited Pu-erh Tea Company Ranfer Group Rather Jolly Tea Red Diamond Inc. Red Rose TeaReily Foods Company Reindeer Biotech Co., Ltd Republic of Tea Revolution Tea Company Rishi Tea Robert Wilson Ceylon Tea Rooibos Limited Royal Cup, Inc.Salada TeaSasaki Green Tea Co. Ltd.S&D Coffee, Inc.SNA Tea Company ShizuokaTea Silkroad Inc. Sosro Fruit Tea South Beach Beverage CompanySri Lanka Tea Board Starwest Botanical Stash Specialty Tea CompanyStassen Australasia Sunny BioDiscovery Sunshine Wholesalers Suntory Holdings LimitedSweet Leaf Tea CompnayT2Taiyo Kagaku Co., Ltd.Tata Global Beverages LtdTazo Tea CompanyT.C. Pharmaceutical Industries Co., Ltd.Tea ConnexionsTea EmporiumTeacraftTeazzersTeavana Holdings, Inc.TEEKANNE Gmbh & Co. KGTeaFusion WholesaleTEMA Enterprises, Inc.Ten Ren Tea Co., Ltd.TetleyThai Tea SuwirunThe Coffee Bean & Tea LeafThe J.M. Smucker CompanyThird Street ChaiTime Out Products Inc.Topix PharmaceuticalsTraditional Medicinals, Inc.Trans-Herb Inc.TTCLTuocha TeaTurkey Hill DairyTwinings TeaTylos of LondonUnited Natural Foods, Inc.Van ReesVictorian Finest TeasWagh Bakri Tea GroupWhole Foods MarketWissotzky TeaWorld Tea MediaWuyun Tea CorporationXiamen Tea Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.Yogi TeaYunlingYY Tea


1.) Global Tea Production By Segment (USD Million): 2013-20182.) Global Black, Green, Other Tea Production (Metric Tons), Prices (USD/MT), Value (USD Million): 2007-20133.) Global Black, Green, Other Tea Production By Region (Metric Tons): 2007-20124.) Global Tea Production, Share Of Production, Exports And Share Of Exports By Country (Metric Tons): 20125.) Global Tea Exports And Re-Exports Volume (Metric Tons), Value (USD '000), Unit Price ($/MT) By Country: 20126.) Sri Lanka Black Tea Exports Volume (Metric Tons), Value (USD'000), Average Selling Price ($/MT, $/Kg) By Destination Country: 20127.) Kenya Tea Exports Volume (Metric Tons), Value (USD'000), Average Selling Price ($/MT, $/Kg) By Destination Country: 20128.) China Black And Other Tea Exports By Destination Country (Metric Tons): 20129.) India Tea Exports By Destination Country (Metric Tons): 201210.) Global Tea Imports For Consumption By Region (Metric Tons): 2007-201211.) Tea Import Volume For Consumption By Major Countries (Metric Tons): 201212.) US Tea Import Volume (Metric Tons), Value, (USD '000) Unit Price ($/MT, $/Kg)-Black Vs. Green: 201213.) US Black Tea Import Volume (Metric Tons), Value (USD '000), Unit Price ($/MT, $/Kg) By Country: 201214.) Global Instant Tea Production By Country (Kilograms): 2007-201215.) Global Tea Production, Retentions, Imports, Consumption (Thousand Metric Tons): 2007-201216.) Per Capita Tea Consumption By Major Countries (Kilograms): 2010-201217.) Smallholder-Estate Ratio, Number of Tea Workers: China, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka18.) Social, Economic, Environment Issues Impacting Estate/Factory Workers, Small-Scale Tea Farmers19.) Ethical Tea Partnership, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, Organic, Fair Trade Certifications: Key Attributes And Objectives20.) Unilever, Tata Tea, Twinings: Global Market Shares, Future Certification Commitments21.) Well-Known US Tea Rooms22.) Action Of Tea And Tea Polyphenols Effects23.) Global Green Tea Production (Metric Tons), Average Selling Price (USD/MT), Value (USD): 2013-201824.) Green Tea Share Of Total Tea Production (Metric Tons): 2007-201225.) Green Tea Exports Share Of Total Tea Production (Metric Tons/%): 2007-201226.) Global Green Tea Production By Country (Metric Tons, CAGR): 2007-201227.) Green Tea Exports As Share Of Production By Country (Metric Tons, %): 201228.) China Green Tea Exports By Destination Country (Metric Tons): 201229.) Sri Lanka Green Tea Exports Volume (Metric Tons), Value (USD '000), Average Selling Price ($/MT, $Kg) By Destination Country: 201230.) US Green Tea Imports Volume (Metric Tons), Value (USD '000), Unit Price (USD/MT, USD/Kg) By Country: 201231.) Common Herbal Tea Types32.) Global Medicinal Plant Exports By Country (USD Thousand, CAGR): 2008-201233.) Global Medicinal Plant Imports By Country And Growth Rate (USD Thousand): 2008-201234.) Global Medicinal Plant Trade Balance By Country And Growth Rate (USD Thousands): 2008-201235.) US Herbal And Medicinal Tea Retail Channel Sales By Type (USD Million): 2012 Vs. 201136.) Selected Herbal And Medicinal Tea Sales By Type And Mainstream Retail Vs. Natural And Health Food Channels (USD Million): 201237.) US Aggregate Harvest Of Dried Herbal And Medicinal PlantsBy Type, Cultivated Vs. Wild (Pounds): 1999-201038.) US Aggregate Harvest Of Dried Herbal And Medicinal Plants By Type, Cultivated Vs. Wild (Pounds): 1999-201039.) Global Herbal And Medicinal Tea Production By Type (USD Million): 2013-201840.) Global Pharmaceutical Product Sales By Major Market (USD Billion): 201241.) Yerba Mate Exports By Country (USD Thousand): 2008-201242.) Yerba Mate Imports By Country (USD Thousand): 2008-201243.) Yerba Mate Trade Balance, (USD '000), Volume (Metric Tons), Price (USD/MT) By County: 201244.) Yerba Mate Trade Indicators (CAGR, Market Share, Supply distance, Market Concentration, Tarriffs) By Country (USD): 201245.) Argentina Yerba Mate Exports By Country (USD Thousand, CAGR): 2008-201246.) Leading Yerba Mate Brands47.) Global Ginseng Production (Based On Fresh Ginseng) By Country (Metric Tons): 201248.) Global Ginseng Root Production Value (USD Million) By Major Countries: 201249.) Global Ginseng Root And Processed Products Production Volume (Metric Tons) And Value (USD Million) By Major Countries: 201250.) South Korea Ginseng Market By Type (USD Million): 201251.) Ginseng Exports By Country (USD Thousand, CAGR): 2008-201252.) Ginseng Root Imports By Country (USD Thousand, CAGR): 2008-201253.) Ginseng Root Balance Of Trade By Country (USD Thousand): 2008-201254.) Ginseng Root Value (USD '000), Volume (Metric Tons), Unit Price (USD/MT) By Country: 201255.) Ginseng Root Trade Indicators By Country 2012: CAGR Value, CAGR Volume, Global Import Market Share, Average Supplying Distance, Concentration, Tariffs56.) Ginseng Prices (USD/Kg) By Type And Grade: 201157.) Traditional Uses of Echinacea (Coneflower) Extracts58.) Antiviral Activities Of Echinacea At Noncytotoxic Concentrations59.) Cytokines/Chemokines Induced By Viruses And Reversed By Echinacea Purpurea60.) Antimicrobial Effects Of Echinacea Purpurea61.) Echinacea Prices (USD/Kg) By Type, Grade, Origin: 2011


1.) Tea Plantation in the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia2.) Leaves of Camellia Sinensis, the Tea Plant3.) Fresh Tea Leaves of Different Sizes4.) Tea Leaf Processing Methods For The Six Most Common Types Of Tea5.) Scenes Of And Equipment For Tea Processing6.) Examples Of Various Types Of Tea7.) Sorted Black Teas8.) Overview Of Major Players In The Tea Value Chain9.) Volumes Of Certified Tea By Type Compared With Global Tea Production (Metric Tons): 2009-201110.) Tea-Induced Cancer Prevention11.) Yerba Mate Plant12.) Yerba Mate Plantation13.) Panax Ginseng14.) Ginseng Cultivation Distribution By Region, Species And Characteristics 15.) German Chamomile16.) Roman Chamomile17.) Echinacea Flower18.) Echinacea Flower Head19.) US Echinacea Dried Root Harvest By Type (Tons): 1999 – 2010 (Wild Only)20.) Echinacea Dried Root Harvest By Type (Tons): 1997 – 2010 (Cultivated Only)

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