Technical Revolution - Zhongji Machinery Releases New Modified EPS Machine

Jan 21, 2014, 09:00 ET from Zhongji Machinery

SHANGHAI, Jan. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Zhongji Machinery, a China-based, world-leading company specializing in insulation material production lines with over two decades of experience, technology innovation, rigorous quality control and impeccable customer services, today announce the new A-incombustible thermoset modified EPS fireproofing insulation board production line, which can produce thermoset EPS boards with the advantages of high-performance insulation, excellent physical resilience and superior fire resistance.

"This production line can produce structural thermoset life-cycle A-incombustible insulation products," said Jeung Keun, Zhongji's technical director from South Korea. "We have introduced the highest technology from South Korea, which uses macromolecule copolymerization modification techniques for making both organic and fireproof materials that have the same polarity and affinity with each other to form unique expandable organic particles. Micro-phase composite technology is also applied to form fireproof insulating film on the surface of each organic particle, which gives them unique fire resistance capabilities."

"Our A-modified EPS machine has received so many orders from the domestic market," said Mr. Hou, Zhongji's founder, "that I have decided to promote it globally." In order to foster market expansion and keep pace with the times, Zhongji is maintaining good relationships with many top level foreign companies to design and produce a broad range of equipment including a PU sandwich panel production line, a 3D panel machine, an EPS machine and more.

Zhongji Machinery always follows the principles of "Quality First, Customer Foremost". Approved for the CE certificate and ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate, Zhongji's products have been sold to more than 70 countries, including Indonesia, Russian, Africa, Mexico, Spain, among many others.

The A-modified EPS machine is available for purchase at or our branch offices in Shanghai. Please visit our website for further details.

About Zhongji Machinery

Founded in 1992, Zhongji Machinery, one of the largest and pioneering manufacturers in the domestic EPS industry, is a high-tech company specializing in the R&D, production and sales of EPS foaming production lines, PU sandwich panel production lines, mineral wool sandwich panel production lines, PU/phenolic insulation board production lines, PU/phenolic foaming machines and cold roll forming machines. Zhongji Machinery is the drafter of the wire mesh polystyrene sandwich panel standard.

Mr. Yonghui Li, the general manager of Zhongji, signed an agreement of cooperation for the production of EPS molding machines with Mr. Gianni Franco Alessio in June, 2010, in Milan, Italy. The Italian company perennially sends engineers to Shanghai and shares all techniques and materials with us.

The president of Zhongji, Mr. Shuqi Hou, signed an agreement of cooperation for the production of an EPS fireproofing insulation board production line with Mr. Rho Jae Ho, the director of Solitech Co. Ltd in September, 2012, in Seoul, South Korea. The Korean company has sent Mr. Jeung Keun and Lee Hwa Young, Solitech's deputy director and expert to Shanghai to share their techniques and materials with us. Based on the Korean B1-modified and gray polystyrene board, the Italian EPS machine technique is used for producing the A-incombustible thermoset modified EPS fireproofing insulation board production line.

Zhongji has won the title of "National Hi-Tech Industrial Enterprise" and been identified as a designated equipment exporter and manufacturer by MOC. The company has also set up ten overseas offices to broaden cooperation and open channels for the sale of its products to over 70 countries.

The specialists in EPS foam molding machine from China, Italy and Korea have jointly established an R&D laboratory for the development of thermoset modified EPS external wall fireproofing insulation boards, an EPS machine factory and an EPS fireproofing insulation board factory. We sincerely welcome all customers' visits.

SOURCE Zhongji Machinery