Technologies Take the Stage and Premiere at Pioneers Festival

Innovative technologies from around the world make their European debuts at this year's Festival

May 13, 2016, 08:56 ET from Pioneers

VIENNA, Austria, May 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

With this year's Pioneers Festival celebrating its 5th anniversary on May 24-25 in Vienna, the Pioneers Team has brought in some of the most promising technologies and brilliant inventors from around the world including Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, Venture Capital legend Tim Draper, and self-made billionaire Manoj Bhargava. Furthermore, two major technologies will debut in Europe -- Viv, and Meta.

In 2012 (the first Pioneers Festival) Siri co-creator Adam Cheyer had his eureka moment to pursue the development of his now ready-to-launch platform - all because of that motivating vibe he got from the Pioneers experience. Now 4 years after this initial spark, Adam and Dag Kittlaus (his CEO) unveil Viv, the world-changing artificial intelligence, for the first time in Europe.

"I came to inspire, but came away inspired. Unforgettable." - Adam Cheyer

Augmented Reality is on the rise and  Ryan Pamplin from Meta is coming to show us the real world of AR and how it can improve our interactions with computers. Meta glasses are see-through and digital allowing you to interact where you are and far away--all at once.

"There's nothing virtual about it. We're making it real." -

Did you ever want to compete in a robot challenge? Dean Kamen, along with Will.I.Am and others, is pushing STEM education through his organization FIRST by getting thousands of kids together every year to engineer robots and LEGO in order to solve real-world challenges like finding a solution to our trash problem.

"Most kids are scientists. They love to discover new things, check their theories out, poke at the world …" - Dean Kamen

Breakthrough Starshot  aims to take nanocraft (attached to sails) to fly by Alpha Centauri in the span of 20 years. All in order to search for planets, life, and to broaden our view of the universe. This pioneering spirit is initiated by Stephen Hawking, and Mark Zuckerberg through Yuri Milner's interstellar missions headed by Simon "Pete" Worden.

"I believe what makes us unique is transcending our limits. How do we transcend these limits? With our minds, and our machines." - Stephen Hawking

Alongside these inspirational speakers are innovators such as Boyan Slat who is tackling the issue of ocean pollution with the Ocean Cleanup by devising a way to clean up garbage with the help of energy from ocean currents. Manoj Bhargava has pledged to give away 99% of his 4 billion dollar wealth to help innovate healthcare, energy, and water for a more sustainable life. Jimmy Wales will lead us to The New Golden Age of Media.

"Pioneers is at the epicenter of these innovations where we facilitate the network that brings experts from various sectors together to spearhead tech and innovation. We create an environment where these game-changers can meet at eye level; from executives to inventors, top-notch investors to entrepreneurs," explains Natalie Thonhauser, Managing Director of Pioneers Events.

Additionally, Pioneers invited more than 500 international startups and 300 investors to this year's event. It will be brought to you by the Pioneers Challenge Partners - Konica Minolta, PwC, Cisco, and aws. Vodafone, Kuka, and Erste Group will spearhead the discussion about successful startup - corporate collaboration. All of these companies, including Wirecard and BBVA are also engaged in the startup community worldwide.

For those that cannot attend, look for the livestream of the festival on the Pioneers website. To be available May 24-25.

Pioneers Festival is a place where tech innovators build the network to succeed. A Pioneers flagship event taking place in Vienna annually at the Hofburg Imperial Palace, the Pioneers Festival brings together a community of 2,500 hand-selected entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and international media for two days of innovation, inventions, and pioneering spirit.

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