Technology Has Changed the Direct Response Industry...Forever

I.Predictus, the catalyst of data transformation has officially departed from its beta release with plans to rock the ERA in Las Vegas this September…

Sep 04, 2013, 07:01 ET from I.Predictus

PARSIPPANY, N.J., Sept. 4, 2013  /PRNewswire/ -- I.Predictus announced it's ready to change the game of Direct Response media buying forever with the official launch of its predictive media buying tool, B.E.S.T. (Buy.Evaluate.Sell.Test.). The unrivaled ability of [IP]2 to translate Big Data into actionable insights without the need for the cumbersome hardware used by traditional analytics tools is pure innovation-shot directly into the main vein of the industry.

I.Predictus is the first big data platform capable of evaluating media spend effectiveness using defined key performance metrics in near real-time. The I.Predictus Intelligent Palette, [IP]² promises to bring unprecedented intelligence, accountability and strategic insight to media buying decisions. The news of I.Predictus's live launch comes at the same time as the launch of its newly designed and completely refreshed website ( With an aesthetic that's as interactive as it is informative, this is one website worth visiting.

CEO Monica C. Smith released a statement following the product launch:

"Today we recognize that DRTV is in a painful state. High media costs, fragmented viewership, and a lack of innovation prevail… that is until now. The concept for the technology and delivery platform was born of necessity to make more informed buying decisions. Standardized and consolidated omni-channel data is here.

As experts in data transformation and consumer behavior, we dedicated years to the analysis of online activity. A brute force to change the industry paradigm, our intensive research endeavor bolstered our understanding of consumer behavior to unparalleled levels. That depth of understanding served as our unwavering guide as we built out and tested data automation, data standardization, and financial modeling to solve the perplexities of siloed systems and successfully attribute the proper revenue to the actual spend to give a clear ROI in near real time."

The I.Predictus tool becomes essential when DRTV becomes the common standard of Brands who are mandated to drive to greater efficiency in their media buys. The company's vision is to drive innovation within the marketplace by supporting the automation of programmatic media buying by aggregating data from all consumer touch points into one secure system, allowing brands, marketers, and agencies to gain significant marketing and sales efficiencies through improved platform metrics, thus effectively decreasing time spent on data collection and organization. The astounding interest expressed by leading industry influencers warrants the need to prepare industry players for the future wave of Big Data convergence and standardization.

"Organizations sometimes fear data inundation," said Christine Oliveri, VP Client Services, Operations at I.Predictus. "Our platform is designed to make data accessible, manageable, actionable, and therefore accountable. This is a tool that executives and marketers will use each and every day to reach their target audience and boost revenue." 

I.Predictus is anticipating the great enthusiasm from the upcoming ERA in Las Vegas this September as it showcases the live product to the industry for the first time.

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