Technorati Media Launches Private Ad Exchange for Brand Safe Social Media Publishers Built on AppNexus

AppNexus' highly scalable, cloud-based technology; yield management controls; data integration, and automated buying led decision

Apr 05, 2011, 11:49 ET from AppNexus

NEW YORK, April 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Technorati Media, the largest social media advertising network, announced the launch of its private ad exchange, built on AppNexus, the real-time ad platform, to better monetize publisher inventory and satisfy highly brand conscious advertisers and agencies.

By leveraging AppNexus' highly scalable, cloud-based platform, the Technorati exchange will have all the benefits of a top tier ad exchange combined with Technorati's social media inventory and industry-leading transparency standards.   In addition, Technorati announced that AppNexus will serve as the ad server of record for Technorati's social media sites.

Adopting the AppNexus platform will provide Technorati with a host of capabilities that will give advertisers more transparency, control and direct access to Technorati's best inventory; and allow publishers to see revenue increases through enhanced yield management capabilities.  

Richard Jalichandra, CEO, Technorati said, "AppNexus' massive technology investment, innovation and scale makes it the gold standard for ad networks looking to grow their businesses. We plan to exceed expectations for all of our clients --brand advertisers, demand side platforms, and agency trading desks--by building on the AppNexus platform, and its team is working with us to ensure this migration happens as quickly as possible."

Notably, the AppNexus solutions leveraged by Technorati Media include:

  • A customizable publisher dashboard built on top of AppNexus APIs
  • Industry leading analytics and tools for trafficking and optimization, which will maximize the performance and value of each ad impression
  • Paired with Technorati Media's proprietary Data Management Platform, enhanced behavioral segments and unique user profiles not available on other networks
  • A single conduit providing marketers with access to highly targetable audiences and brand-safe content
  • Automated buying which will provide efficient impression selection for advertisers, demand supply platforms, and agency trading desks for both real-time bid and standard inventory
  • Superior conversion and acquisition optimization technology to power direct response initiatives

"It's incredibly validating for AppNexus to be chosen by a huge brand like Technorati Media as its technology platform and ad server.  Our collaboration will truly transform what Technorati can offer their clients in terms of scale, yield management, automated buying, and brand safety controls. Technorati's strategy is a prime example of how ad networks are evolving their businesses today using AppNexus," said Brian O'Kelley, CEO, AppNexus.

In addition to being the largest social media advertising network, Technorati is also comScore's 3rd largest social media property after Facebook and LinkedIn --and 13th largest media entity overall -- managing over seven billion impressions monthly.  Regarding AppNexus, eight of the top 10 comScore rated ad networks in the U.S. -- as well as companies around the globe -- build their businesses on the AppNexus platform, which runs eight billion ad impressions a day through its system.  

About Technorati Media

Technorati Media is an integrated online media company with an ad network, three owned web properties, and an ad technology platform.  Launched in June 2008, Technorati Media's ad network has quickly grown into the largest social media ad network (over 1,500 blogs, social networks and distributed content), boasting an audience of over 400 million unique visitors a month worldwide and 185 million people in the US.  In February 2010, comScore ranked Technorati Media as the 13th largest media entity in the US, the 3rd largest social media property and the 2nd largest blog property., the flagship site, is the world's first and largest blog search engine and a robust community blogging platform. is a journalism 3.0 site with a community of over 3,500 authors who have published over 85,000 articles using the site's proprietary publishing platform. shows what top bloggers are tweeting about, and how these trends compare to blogosphere trends.

About AppNexus

AppNexus is the real-time ad platform for global ad networks, demand-side platforms (DSPs), and other leading online advertising companies.  Led by the pioneers of the Web's original ad exchanges at Yahoo!'s Right Media and Google's DoubleClick, AppNexus offers a comprehensive suite of core infrastructure and ad technology capabilities including data management, optimization, APIs, financial clearing and support for directly negotiated media campaigns.  Overall, AppNexus empowers sophisticated companies to build, manage and optimize their entire display advertising businesses and provides single-point integration to the largest sources of inventory, including the major aggregators and exchanges.

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