Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Corporate Fact Sheet for January 2013

Feb 07, 2013, 10:00 ET from Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Ltd

TEL AVIV, Israel, February 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Fast Facts
Market capitalization (Excluding ETNs):

  • Equities:US$163 billion;
  • Bonds:US$221 billion

Daily Turnover:

  • Equities (Including ETNs): US$302 million;
  • Government Bonds:US$1,019 million
  • Corporate Bonds(Including ETNs): US$313 million
  • Treasury Bills: US$194 million
  • TA-25 Index Options: 204 thousands of contracts
  • 533 equity companies (Excluding ETNs)
  • 50 companies cross-listed abroad
  • 440 index-tracking products (ETN's)
  • 34 series of government bonds
  • 642 series of corporate bonds
  • 1,290 mutual funds

Israel Key Macroeconomic indicators

  • GDP per capita:
    2011 - 31,100; Q3 2012 - 28,700
  • GDP growth:
    2011 - 4.8%; Q3 2012- 2.9%
  • Inflation:
    2011 - 2.2%, 2012 - 1.6%
  • Bank of Israel interest rate:
    February 2013 -1.75%
  • Surplus in balance of payments
  • Budget deficit:
    2011: 3.3% of GDP;
    2012: 4.2% of GDP

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The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) will launch on February 18th its new "Tel-Bond Yields" index, which will comprise of TASE-traded investment grade corporate bonds rated )BBB-( to )A(.

The new index will include 66 CPI-linked fixed-interest corporate bonds issued by 42 issuers. The market cap of the index will be approximately USD 12.1 billion. For more information:

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange:

Established in September 1953, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) is an efficient one-stop shop for the securities industry, hosting an increasingly sophisticated range of products available to investors, including shares, corporate bonds, treasury bills and bonds, index-tracking products and derivatives. TASE is a fully-automated exchange with a central order book trading system, providing clearing, settlement and depository services.

Mission Statement:

TASE will promote Israel's capital market and its listed companies in Israel and abroad, through the provision of the most highly advanced infrastructure for securities trading and clearing, adhering to the highest standards of excellence and guided by principles of market integrity; and will endeavor to position itself and Israel as an international financial center for the listing and trading of technology companies


The TASE is owned by its members, which comprise the Bank of Israel (Israel's central bank), 16 banks and 13 investment houses. The banks are supervised by the Bank of Israel and the investment houses by the TASE. The TASE permits international banks and investment houses that have no permanent representation in Israel to become 'remote members'.
For the TASE Members' list.

Dual Listing:

Companies traded in the USA and on the London Stock Exchange (Main Market) can dual-list their shares on the TASE.  Dual-listing, which does not entail significant costs, imposes no additional regulatory burden and offers continuous trading from 09:45 to 23:00 (Israeli time), for companies listed in the USA.  There are currently 44 companies dually-listed on TASE, as well as 6 companies which are cross-listed on other foreign securities exchanges.
For more information about Dual Listing on TASE.


  Israel is classified as a "developed market" by MSCI, FTSE and S&P and is included in the following international indices: MSCI World, MSCI KOKUSAI, MSCI Europe & Middle East, MSCI EAFE, MSCI EASE, the FTSE All World, FTSE Med-100 indices, and S&P Developed BMI.
Trading on TASE is conducted through its members, which include Israeli and international banks and investment houses.

For further information, you are welcome to visit our website at:  or contact the TASE Marketing
and Communications Unit at +972-3-5677405/6

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