Telcordia Bandwidth Manager Helps CSPs Drive Profitability in the Race for Mobile Broadband

New Solution Enables New Policy-based Offers that Increase Revenue, Manage Exponential Network Demand through Personalized Bandwidth Management

Jun 07, 2010, 19:04 ET from Telcordia

PISCATAWAY, N.J., June 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Telcordia, a global leader in the development of mobile, broadband and enterprise software and services, today announced the new Telcordia® Bandwidth Manager to address the issues of network congestion as the explosive growth in mobile broadband continues to surge leaving Communications Service Providers (CSPs) struggling to increase profitability while competing to win in the race for mobile broadband.

Bandwidth Manager helps CSPs with first generation network solutions handle the increase in subscriber and data traffic through second generation customer-centric bandwidth management. This new solution is a software-based, standards-compliant, converged Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF), which integrates with existing networks to define and enforce dynamic bandwidth policy and charging-related rules for each customer. Bandwidth Manager will help CSPs increase revenue from their data services, manage exponential demand on overloaded data networks and enable service providers to support additional subscribers with Personalized Bandwidth Management.

"Iconic devices such as the BlackBerry, iPhone and iPads have stimulated demand for more sophisticated devices," said Sheryl Kingstone, Director, Enterprise Research group, Yankee Group. "Yankee Group data finds that between 50 percent and 60 percent of respondents are likely or highly likely to purchase a smartphone creating exponential demand for mobile broadband.

"The availability of Telcordia Bandwidth Manager is timely for CSPs as they strive to find more creative ways to price their data and application services, while also satisfying demand for wireless broadband connections," Kingstone added. "Now operators can better monetize their network through specialized pricing plans coupled with managed bandwidth consumption to provide differentiated customer experience."

Telcordia Bandwidth Manager enables CSPs to customize services depending on different market and customer needs, through differentiated, dynamic tiered plans. CSPs are then able to offer highly targeted policies with dynamic plans that enable new personalized bandwidth based offers based on:  customer’s network access, time of day, equipment type, network congestion status, or a combination of multiple criteria.

"Bandwidth management is essential as mobile broadband becomes the definitive driver for growth in the mobile market. Bandwidth defines user experience, and CSPs need to position their data services to deliver a range of applications with a consistent customer experience," said Pat McCarthy, Vice President, Service Delivery Solutions Marketing, Telcordia. "Customers gain the benefits of only paying for the service they need, while CSPs can manage their network expenditures more effectively and in line with the value delivered to their customers."

CSPs can boost revenues through plan specialization, targeting exactly what customers require, while managing bandwidth consumption and simultaneously ensuring a competitive and differentiated service in a very tough market. Subscriber capacity can be increased by up to 25 percent as bandwidth is optimized, thereby driving improved Return on Investment on an ever increasing CAPEX expenditure. Telcordia’s new solution, which supports any access type across multiple networks including 3G, 4G and DSL, also helps ensure subscribers get service levels they require for bandwidth-sensitive application such as  video streaming, IPTV and High Quality VoIP and IP Conferencing.

The solution also ensures increased profitability as CSPs evolve to a two-sided business model to maximize revenue by personalizing bandwidth offers, enabling real-time usage updates and creating innovative offers where bandwidth is bundled with the service offer. For example a branded on-demand video service download could be outside the usage cap creating incentives for 3rd parties to partner with CSPs.

The latest white paper from Telcordia, Mobile Broadband: Surf the Broadband Wave with a Customer-Centric Business Model, discusses why, as broadband access becomes a commodity, CSPs risk becoming unprofitable bit players unless they quickly transform their business model with personalized services.  It also identifies the major reasons why mobile broadband's popularity is both an opportunity and a challenge for CSPs.  It is available at

More details about Telcordia® Bandwidth Manager are available at For more information about Telcordia, visit

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