Telecommunications market in CIS countries 2012

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Telecommunications market in CIS countries 2012

Compare telecommunications conditions across the CIS region.

Survey market performance, value and forecasts to 2015.

The CIS region includes a number of countries with widely varying conditions surrounding the telecommunications industry. Regulatory environments, stages of infrastructure development supporting telecommunications growth, economic and demographic conditions and levels of product and service penetration are just a few of the factors that distinguish the markets of these geographically connected countries and influence the opportunities available in each.

PMR has released Telecommunications market in CIS countries 2012

Development forecasts for 2012-2015 as a comparative resource that presents the latest market data, news, analysis and forecasts for Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine along with a comprehensive data sheet presenting market conditions in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. This publication provides background and a breakdown of activity in the fixed line and mobile telephony and Internet and broadband services segments.

This report contains five chapters that function separately or in combination to inform business professionals with interests in CIS telecommunications with the knowledge they need for effective analysis, planning and decision-making. The first chapter focuses on mobile and fixed line telephony market conditions in all ten countries, providing the latest data and expert analysis on penetration of services, new technologies and leading providers.

The second, third and fourth chapters engage in in-depth coverage of the CIS region's largest telecoms markets: Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, with a separate chapter devoted to the telecoms market in each country. The text explores key topics such as: market values and growth for the period 2005-2010, analysis of product and service trends, tenders of frequency to the region's largest providers, newsworthy merger and acquisition ventures and developments in each country's legal and regulatory scenarios from 2007 to H1 2012. Each chapter also offers detailed forecasts for each market to 2015 as well as profiles of the leading telecommunications services providers in each country, including their fiscal condition and level of investment in the market.

An entire chapter of this unique publication comprises a data sheet that covers telecommunications market activity for the period 2005-2012 in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Categories of information on the markets in each country include: GDP, annual monetary exchange rates, population, value of the fixed line, mobile telephony and Internet, and wholesale services segments, SIM card totals, fixed line and internet subscriptions and broadband connections, as well as assessment of the levels of penetration of each of these services in each of these countries.

Telecommunications market in CIS countries 2012, Development forecasts for 2012-2015 provides essential information about the status, infrastructures, investment opportunities, size and value of the telecommunications sectors for a variety of businesses. Service providers, networking product distributors, international ICT service and product suppliers as well as consultants, researchers and financial services professionals will consult this report on a regular basis as the pursue success in this sector.

Methodology of the report 11

Executive summary 15

Economic and demographic situation in CIS countries and Georgia 23

The telecommunications markets in CIS countries and Georgia 33

The telecommunications market in Belarus 51

The telecommunications market in Kazakhstan 89

The telecommunications market in Ukraine 135

Statistical annex 177

Armenia – data sheet 177

Azerbaijan – data sheet 178

Belarus – data sheet 179

Georgia – data sheet 180

Kazakhstan – data sheet 181

Kyrgyzstan – data sheet 182

Moldova – data sheet 183

Tajikistan – data sheet 184

Turkmenistan – data sheet 185

Ukraine – data sheet 186

Uzbekistan – data sheet 187

List of graphs 189

List of tables 195

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