Telect de Mexico Receives ISO 14001:2004 Certification

Apr 02, 2013, 09:47 ET from Telect

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash., April 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Telect, a global leader in network infrastructure equipment manufacturing, headquartered in Liberty Lake, Washington, announces the ISO 14001:2004 certification of their Telect de Mexico (TdM) manufacturing facility near Guadalajara, Mexico.

"ISO 14001 certification is an acknowledgment of our commitment to our customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders of our care for the environment," said Stan Hilbert, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer at Telect. "The ISO standard balances manufacturing profitability with reduced environmental impact."

Hilbert congratulated the Telect de Mexico team on the achievement. "ISO 14001 is an internationally recognized badge of excellence. This certification reflects Telect's ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship. As an OEM (original equipment manufacturer), it's key that we manufacture in the most responsible manner possible, specifically regarding waste, landfills, and air pollution. From the raw materials we use to the finished products shipped to our customers—and all processes in between—we follow environmentally-sound guidelines for materials, manufacturing, and packaging."

ISO—the International Organization for Standardization—"is the world's largest developer of voluntary International Standards." ISO 14001 defines a process for effective implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS).

"Essentially," said Joe Mallillin, Value Engineering and Quality Assurance Manager at Telect's Plano, Texas facility, "ISO 14001 generates guidelines for companies to efficiently meet their environmental objectives."

With TdM's certification, Telect joins the ranks of other leading manufacturers in the technology industry, including Apple, Cisco, and Micron. Each carries ISO 14001 certification at some—or all—of their sites.

Telect manufactures its products in Plano, Texas; Spokane, Washington; and at TdM, in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico; near Guadalajara. TdM—Telect's Power and Connectivity Manufacturing Center—is a crucial manufacturing facility in Telect's operations, fulfilling global demand for Telect's power and copper equipment.

"TdM is streamlining efficiencies, reducing costs, and reducing waste," Stan Hilbert said. "This will further our strategic goals for lean manufacturing, as we increase our efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle."

Wayne Williams, Telect's President and CEO, drives the corporate "leaning out" emphasis.

"ISO's methodology of continuous improvement aligns with our push for lean manufacturing. The processes developed and instituted through this certification are foundational as we move forward with velocity," Williams said.

Telect's environmental guidelines are born from Telect's strategic emphasis on corporate stewardship—a responsibility to environmental, financial, employee, shareholder, customer, and community health.

TdM received ISO 14001 certification on January 16, 2013. Ricardo Gallo, Quality Assurance Manager at TdM, prepared the TdM facility for certification with a 10-month process of extensive training and reorganization. After the initial certification, the ISO 14001 is an ongoing process; organizations must show continuous improvement.

"This year," Gallo said, "we are focusing on several areas, including cutting energy usage, fostering a safe working environment, and reducing and recycling packaging. We're saving money, while growing a better business and contributing to a cleaner environment."

"ISO 14001 certification illustrates how Telect cares for the environment," Gallo continued. "It's a great achievement. In addition to the cost-savings and streamlined managerial organization, we saw an added benefit. Employees internalized the processes we implemented, taking lessons and processes home for greater efficiencies and savings in their personal lives. Our push for environmental awareness is moving beyond our facility walls, into our homes and communities."

Telect plans to pursue ISO 14001 certification for all of their locations within the next 18 months.

Currently, Telect's Plano, Texas; TdM; and Liberty Lake, Washington facilities are each ISO 9000 and TL 9000 certified. Telect Fiber Center (TFC), Telect's newest manufacturing facility, located in Spokane Valley, Washington, will undergo ISO 9000 and TL 9000 certification during the summer of 2013.

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