TeleSage, Inc. Improves Accuracy In Behavioral Health Diagnoses

Jun 30, 2017, 10:52 ET from TeleSage, Inc.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C., June 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Mental illness affects approximately 1 in 5 or 43.8 million adults in the US. Rendering accurate diagnoses is critical to effective treatment and positive outcomes for patients. TeleSage is improving diagnostic accuracy by launching the first web-based version of the "gold standard" mental illness diagnostic assessment.

The Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-5 Disorders (SCID) is the most accurate tool for assessing the presence or absence of DSM-5 diagnoses, as defined by symptom clusters within time frames. The structured format with its direct adherence to DSM-5 criteria accounts for its strong test-re-test and inter-rater reliability.

TeleSage developed the NetSCID-5 in consultation with Dr. First, the author of the SCID-5. Branching and calculations are automatic which, through a validation study, proved to significantly reduce assessment time, interviewer burden, and diagnostic errors. The NetSCID-5 offers complete data parity to the SCID-5, strictly follows its text, and is easily accessed using any internet-connected device.

Interview data is instantly available to populate diagnostic and symptom-level reports. Data can be downloaded/imported into statistical packages. TeleSage ensures confidentiality of participants using rigorous procedures. Patient de-identified data are stored on a Secured Socket Layer HIPAA-compliant web server encrypted at rest with geo-redundant data backup. The NetSCID-5 Research, Clinician, and Personality Disorders Versions are available for use in mental health assessments. Use of the tool will greatly improve diagnostic accuracy and efficiency in both clinical and research settings.

Dr. Brodey, lead author of the validation study said:  "I am excited to release the first web-based version of the "gold standard" SCID. The SCID revolutionized behavioral health diagnoses by bringing reliability to traditionally subjective diagnostic interviews. The NetSCID-5 will improve diagnostic accuracy in both routine clinical care and research. The NetSCID-5 should decrease placebo response in FDA clinical trials and increase the likelihood that an intervention will be found effective."

About TeleSage, Inc.

For 20 years, TeleSage has provided Behavioral Health Solutions to clinicians and researchers globally. Our web-based tools are designed to improve rigor and reliability of assessments, reduce placebo response rates, increase research participation, decrease respondent/staff burden, and support evidence-based practices.

NetSCID-5 development was supported by the NIMH of the National Institutes of Health (Award #R44MH080463). The official views of the NIH are not necessarily represented by this press release.

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