Teleste Brings Easy Access to OTT for Cable Operators

Sep 07, 2012, 06:53 ET from Teleste

IBC, AMSTERDAM, September 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Teleste's New Ubique Enables Cable Operators to Deliver and Manage DVB, IPTV and OTT Services with Single Solution

Teleste, an international technology group specialized in broadband video and data communication systems and services, has introduced the first complete OTT solution for cable operators. The new Teleste Ubique includes everything cable operators need to bring TV Everywhere services to their customers. Ubique reduces the time needed to integrate OTT to a cable operator's offering from 12-18 months to even two months. At IBC, Teleste also announced a fully customizable iPad application and several extensions to its Luminato headend platform.

"Integrating OTT services to a cable operator's offering has so far been very expensive and time-consuming because operators have had to build their OTT services from the ground up. Typical projects have lasted 12-18 months and cost millions of Euros. Teleste Ubique changes this and enables operators of all sizes to start their own OTT services in just two months and at a fraction of the cost," said Teleste's SVP, Video and Broadband Solutions, Hanno Narjus.

Teleste Ubique is a complete multi-screen solution for managing and distributing TV channels and interactive services on DVB, IPTV and OTT networks. Teleste Ubique includes everything needed to set up an OTT service - headends, transcoders, a management system and a content protection system. Teleste Ubique enables multi-screen delivery to set-top boxes, iPads and web browsers, turning a traditional TV to a modern entertainment center and bringing traditional TV channels to iPads.

Ubique enables operators to manage DVB, IPTV and OTT services at the same time. The solution handles live TV channels, EPG program guides and interactive services such as Catch-up, VOD and Network PVR from the same system. Teleste Ubique also features content encryption, which enables operators to manage content protection (DVB, IPTV, HLS, PlayReady) to all devices centrally. Operators can also manage multiscreen delivery from the same system. With Teleste Ubique, operators can deliver their services to multiple types of device such as TVs, computers, tablets and smartphones easily and cost-effectively. The Ubique solution consists of:

  • Teleste Luminato, the industry's most versatile Cable TV / IPTV Headend
  • Teleste Broadcast manager for managing DVB and IPTV channels
  • Teleste OnDemand manager for managing interactive services such as Catch-up, PVR and VOD
  • Teleste Ubique IPTV / OTT middleware
  • Teleste Optimo transcoder, which transcodes and optimizes delivery to different screens
  • Verimatrix VCAS and CSM encryption
  • Edgeware Recorder and Content Delivery Network

Teleste Ubique also features customizable user interfaces for iPads, set-top boxes and web browsers which enable multi-screen delivery easily and cost effectively. Teleste's new iPad application enables operators to bring their TV services to iPads easily. The application utilizes content encryption and it is delivered with source code, which enables operators to easily tailor the application to fit their brand and portfolio, without having to build the applications themselves. Teleste's iPad application resembles iPad's own user interface, giving consumers a familiar and intuitive user interface.

Graphical User Interface to Luminato

Teleste announced new extensions to the Luminato head-end platform.

New graphical user interface for Luminato. Luminato's user interface is now fully graphical and it makes the management of Luminato effortless, almost as easy as consumer devices. The new management interface provides network administrators with an easily understandable view of their network. Everything is visible in a single graphical view and administrators can get more information when they need through an advanced view. The new management interface presents the entire flow in a single screen and shows which inputs are connected to which output streams. Adding new services is very easy with drag-and-drop functionality. This eliminates a lot of the manual configuration work; administrators don't need to write, remember and manually enter multicast addresses. The new user interface includes several innovative features such as the ability to add notes to individual devices and ports. This is very useful for example for Multicast addresses.  

About Teleste

Teleste is an international technology group founded in 1954, which specializes in broadband video and data communication systems and services. The group is active in two business segments, Video and Broadband Solutions and Network Services; in both fields, we are among the global leaders. Video is at the core of our business activities, with a focus on the processing, transmission and management of video and data for operators and public authorities who provide multiple video-related information, entertainment and security services to end-users. Video and Broadband Solutions' business segment places the emphasis on product solutions for broadband access networks, video service platforms and video surveillance applications. The Network Services segment delivers comprehensive network service solutions, including new construction, rebuilding, upgrading, planning and maintenance services for cable networks. In 2011 the group's net sales totaled EUR 184 million and the group employed 1,319 persons at the year-end. The company has approximately 30 offices worldwide and over 90% of Teleste's net sales are generated outside Finland. The company is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. for more information.

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