TeleTracking Announces Formation of RTLS Workflow Consulting Group and Free RTLS Webinar

TeleTracking RTLS Workflow Consulting will help hospitals implement and improve asset management programs.

Sep 08, 2011, 06:00 ET from TeleTracking Technologies, Inc.

PITTSBURGH, Sept. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- TeleTracking Technologies, Inc.   in association with its real-time locating system division, TeleTracking RTLS, today announced the formation of its RTLS Workflow Consulting Group.  TeleTracking RTLS Workflow Consulting is led by Jon Poshywak, Director, who joined the company in July.  

Mr. Poshywak came to TeleTracking with more than 15 years' experience in a variety of hospital asset management businesses, most recently at Sundance Enterprises, a manufacturer of patient care surfaces and medical devices; Hill-Rom; and MEDIQ, an international supplier of medical devices and pharmaceuticals.  He has led teams that have successfully implemented hospital imbedded asset management programs that focused on increasing asset utilization and decreasing equipment costs driven by process improvement.  

The TeleTracking RTLS Workflow Consulting Group is patterned after the highly successful Avanti® Patient Flow Consulting division.  Both groups are staffed with specialists in their respective subject areas who have both hospital enterprise experience and proven process improvement backgrounds.   For TeleTracking RTLS, Mr. Poshywak and his team will work with client hospitals to identify the best RTLS installation and level of consulting services appropriate for each facility.  

TeleTracking RTLS Consulting Group offers process improvement roadmaps customized to maximize existing equipment capacity along with recommendations around centralized equipment functions to minimize duplication.  Upon engagement, an RTLS business analyst is assigned to complete an RTLS survey and site assessment.  Upon completion, the analyst delivers a project plan for RTLS installation, a roadmap to achieve the maximum return on investment from RTLS, and a consulting recommendation that matches each facility's specific need.   The areas of focus during for the RTLS survey and associated equipment process improvement recommendations take into account the following:

  • Equipment shortages or excesses
  • Utilization of owned and rented equipment
  • Flow of equipment between processes (e.g.  from patient to pickup to decontamination)
  • Equipment storage, transportation, and clinical engineering
  • Tracking and billing functions
  • Temperature monitoring, reporting and corrective action documentation practices
  • Nursing satisfaction with current equipment procedures

Join us for a free webinar, RTLS Asset Management and How to Make the Most of Your Owned Equipment Resources, Friday, September 30th at 2:00 PM (EDT) - REGISTER NOW.

For more information on the TeleTracking RTLS Workflow Consulting group or to request a detailed analysis of how RTLS can help your hospital reduce costs and significantly improve operational efficiencies with RTLS, contact TeleTracking RTLS at 800.331.3603 or send an email to

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