Telmar Introduces Telmar Matterhorn ROI for Impact Based Planning

New Planning Tool Recognizes and Measures Reach and Impact of Advertising Exposures Within the Context of the Marketer's Goals

Dec 08, 2010, 10:00 ET from Telmar

NEW YORK, Dec. 8, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Telmar, a global supplier of advertising media software and services announced today the release of Telmar Matterhorn ROI, a new cross media planning tool developed with ROI research firm Marketing Evolution, to allow Impact Reach Exposure Planning (IREP).  For the first time, media buyers will be able to create plans based on the true value of exposing specific, targeted consumers to one or more impressions during each stage of the path to purchase cycle and measure the ROI.

Traditionally, media buyers have faced the challenge of an unpredictable return on investment for each contact point with their audience.  Telmar Matterhorn ROI introduces new empirical data that shows that different reach and frequency patterns have different values depending on an advertiser's current marketing goal.  For example, the same placement can have very different value for an advertiser launching a new product, with the aim to build awareness, than for an established brand aiming to convert current customers to immediate purchase.  Telmar Matterhorn takes the marketing objective, the marketing category, the target audience, the reach, frequency and actual impact of exposure into account, helping marketers understand where to invest their ad buys for the highest impact and ROI.  

"The reality is that the same number of impressions can result in vastly different reach, frequency and impact patterns, and if you aren't accounting for that, you are missing a huge part of ROI insight," said Stanley Federman, Chairman and CEO of Telmar.  "For example, some impressions of the same media are better at building awareness and others are better at purchase conversion.  Telmar Matterhorn ROI integrates ROI data with media planning data and allows you to cherry-pick placements that best match your objectives."

One hypothetical application of Impact Reach Exposure Planning involves two brands aiming for two different results from the same ad exposures.  Brand marketer #1 is introducing a new soda in the first few weeks of February and the Super Bowl is an obvious vehicle to raise awareness of her product.  The same airtime exposures, however, might have a different value to a national pizza franchise who would like to use the opportunity for harvesting immediate delivery orders, perhaps during the second half of the game.

As media planners understand the true value of reaching their specific targeted consumers with exposures in accordance with the client's specific marketing goals, it empowers them with ROI insight – and media owners may soon also have a changed perspective on how to meet the media planner's needs.  MTV Networks, for example, understands this value and has already adopted the tool.

Billions worth of Marketing Campaigns Measured Power Telmar Matterhorn ROI

Telmar Matterhorn ROI is based on billions of dollars in marketing spending analyzed independently by ROI measurement leader, Marketing Evolution, and delivered seamlessly through Telmar's software interface.  Telmar Matterhorn ROI gives agencies and media owners the tools needed for customized ROI reporting.  Historically, ROI reporting has been a costly and labor-intensive process draining valuable client hours and budgets.  Matterhorn takes on this administrative task and lets agencies focus their time on strategic planning.  Advertising agency RPA is an early adopter of the Matterhorn planning tools.  As RPA Vice President and Director of Media Research, Claire Browne explains, "Every planner wants to be able to compare on impact, but they haven't been able to.  Data from a lot of sources needs to be united and conformed; with Matterhorn we saw that it really was possible to achieve impact based planning.  That was an 'ah-ha' moment for us,"  

A sample of Telmar Matterhorn ROI's reporting features includes:

  • Impact Reach Targeting:  With Telmar Matterhorn ROI, the cost of making each exposure in an advertising campaign is mapped in easy to create reports.  In addition, the level of influence each exposure has is also mapped.  This easy reporting method means that media planners are able to quickly produce client reports that visually display a gap between expense and return.  
  • Presence in the sales cycle (across media):  Telmar Matterhorn ROI reports on where each impression falls in the consumer-customer conversion cycle.  The system analyzes and reports the presence of a campaign in each stage (awareness, familiarity, and purchase conversion) of the process.  Media planners can use this information to optimize a campaign before it ships, or to verify its effectiveness.
  • Optimization recommendations: Telmar Matterhorn ROI allows agencies to consider all media options and find the optimal mix that produces the largest impact for the budget. The planner can also set constraints, adjust pricing, or choose to exclude certain media to refine the plan.  This provides flexibility in crafting the final impact optimized plan.

"Telmar's reach and frequency optimization and fusion expertise provides the best available information on how media delivery works across the widest range of media options," said Rex Briggs, CEO of Marketing Evolution.  "We're excited to see ROI data affect Reach Impact Exposure Planning globally through Telmar's vast worldwide penetration and database accessibility around the world.  Telmar Matterhorn ROI will improve media buying and planning across all platforms and markets."

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