Telnexus Announces $185 Per Month Fiber Internet in the East Bay

Revolutionary pricing available for businesses in select locations

Jan 19, 2016, 10:00 ET from Telnexus

BERKELEY, Calif., Jan. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Telnexus®1, a Berkeley-based communication service provider, today announced availability of gigabit-speed Internet services running on a 100%-pure fiber optic network at revolutionary prices in select areas of Oakland, Emeryville, and Berkeley.

Extraordinary savings on monthly subscription fees is now available for businesses that want the speed and power of a direct fiber optic connection to the Internet. "Telnexus gives eligible businesses access to a new level of value when subscribing to a vital utility service. By offering affordable gigabit fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) Internet service Telnexus now delivers the best Internet technology in the East Bay," said Vernon Keenan, CEO of Telnexus.

Availability of new Telnexus services are limited to businesses close to the Telnexus Open Access Internet network. Cities currently in the Telnexus fiber optic network are Emeryville and Oakland. An expansion into Berkeley is planned for 2016, enabling Telnexus to offer the most affordable high-performance broadband Internet service to more businesses in the East Bay.

"Fiber optic networking technology allows Telnexus to offer businesses in Emeryville, Oakland and Berkeley the most advanced and affordable high-performance Internet service available. By making this network available to more businesses and organizations, Telnexus aims to attract more startups and 21st Century industries to our side of the Bay," added Vernon Keenan.

New Service Pricing

New classes of Internet service now available2 from Telnexus using efficient Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) technology.

  • Telnexus® SublightSM comes in a range of metered services ranging in speed from 250 Megabit to 1 Gigabit. Service levels for Telnexus Sublight are appropriate for smaller businesses who do not host services to the public. Prices range from $185 per month for Telnexus Sublight 50, which is a 250 Megabit service suitable for a 5-person office, to $385 per month for Telnexus Sublight 200, which is a 1 Gigabit service metered for a 20-person office with an installation fee of $199.
  • Telnexus® WarpSM links customers directly to the Telnexus lightwave Internet network with a high-performance Service Level Agreement (SLA). Telnexus Warp prices range from $595 per month for Telnexus Warp 1, which is a metered gigabit fiber Internet service, to Telnexus Warp 6, which is $1,895 per month for unmetered service. Installation fees start at $995 and may require additional networking equipment purchases.
  • Telnexus® TranswarpSM 10 Gigabit Internet service is available for $2,495 per month. Installation fees start at $2,495 and may require additional networking equipment purchases.
  • Telnexus® Dark FiberSM and Telnexus® Private EthernetSM are affordable networking options available to businesses and institutions based Berkeley, Oakland and Emeryville. Private Ethernet networks start at $395 per end point. Single-mode dark fiber connections are available and start at $999 per month.

A full listing of all new Telnexus fiber Internet services is available at the web site address

"Telnexus cuts unnecessary layers out of the telecommunications sales chain," said Mr. Keenan. "Our fair pricing model makes our enterprise-grade gigabit fiber service available for one-half the price offered by the incumbent phone and cable companies."

$100 Sign-Up Discount Available

For a limited time, businesses in Berkeley, Emeryville, and Oakland who want Telnexus high-speed broadband Internet can sign up for a $100 discount coupon. In exchange for joining the Telnexus Gigabit Waiting List, each business location in these cities is eligible for a $100 discount coupon redeemable for Telnexus products and services.3

To sign up for the Telnexus Gigabit Waiting List go to the web site at the address

About Telnexus

Telnexus is the most thorough VoIP and Internet service provider in the San Francisco Bay Area. Telnexus offers wired and wireless broadband Internet, Universal Communication as a Service (UCaaS), and managed IT services to a growing number of San Francisco Bay Area businesses and organizations. Telnexus® is a Trademark registered in the United States by Telnexus LLC. Telnexus® Cloud PBXSM, Telnexus® SublightSM, Telnexus® WarpSM, Telnexus® TranswarpSM, Telnexus® Dark FiberSM, and Telnexus® Private EthernetSM are Service Marks of Telnexus LLC.


 Telnexus is a Registered Trademark and Service Mark of Telnexus LLC


 Service locations are subject to fiber optic network availability. Not all addresses are eligible for service.


Limited to one $100 account credit per verified business premises address in the cities of Berkeley, Emeryville, and Oakland. May only be used for products or services linked to a recurring monthly Telnexus service agreement.

Contact: Vernon Keenan,, 510-859-7000


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