Telo Announces V3 of the Caller ID API, OpenCNAM

Providing Caller Name Service Globally

Feb 25, 2016, 07:00 ET from Telo

ATLANTA, Feb. 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Telo announces the release of a new version of its Caller ID Application Programming Interface (API), OpenCNAM. The third version of OpenCNAM, which stands for Open "Caller ID Name," offers a revolutionary improvement to the telecom industry, expanding existing Caller ID capabilities from limited domestic coverage to greater domestic, and now international coverage.

"OpenCNAM Plus is the world's first carrier grade solution that solves the coverage gap problems that have plagued Caller ID Name services since their inception." said Chris Brunner, Telo's co-founder and CEO.  "Telo understands that carriers need a way to set their products apart from their competitors.  With OpenCNAM Plus, carriers are now able to offer superior Caller ID Name services not only to their North American customers, but to all of their customers worldwide."

With data reaching across 229 countries around the globe, OpenCNAM is the only Caller ID service on the market that now offers international coverage to its customers. It also provides more expansive domestic coverage in North America, including data from 87% of the continent's phone lines as opposed to the 51% competitors currently reach.

Here are a few of the benefits that are exclusively provided through OpenCNAM's API:

  • International Caller ID coverage across 229 countries
  • 87% coverage of North American phones using the NANP dialing plan
  • 57% coverage of phone numbers outside of North America
  • Caller ID Name data for 4.5 Billion phone lines
  • Toll-free number coverage
  • Self-learning routing algorithms
  • No contract required
  • Instant activation

*See for a detailed chart and coverage map of all of the new benefits that the API provides.

About Telo:  Telo pioneered the first developer friendly telephony data API in 2011 with the launch of OpenCNAM. Since then, Telo has expanded its developer focused product line to include EveryoneAPI, a highly advanced reverse phone append API, and released subsequent versions of OpenCNAM that have extended Caller ID coverage to over 229 countries. Today, Telo is committed to leading data services innovation by providing APIs that supply systems worldwide with information that is rooted in exhaustive research and avant-garde intelligence.

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