TEMIS Introduces Version 5.2 of Luxid(R) Content Enrichment and Discovery Solution

With Luxid(R) 5.2, TEMIS Targets Pervasive Text Analytics Corporate Deployments and Brings Intuitive Knowledge Discovery Into Users' Workspaces

May 06, 2010, 07:59 ET from TEMIS

NEW YORK, May 6, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- TEMIS, the leading provider of Text Analytics solutions for the Enterprise, today released the latest version of its flagship software platform, Luxid(R).

Based on patented, award-winning TEMIS technology, Luxid(R) is a powerful and scalable content enrichment and knowledge discovery solution. Luxid(R) gives immediate access to business-critical insights and delivers industry-specific knowledge, powering highly demanding activities such as Market Intelligence, Sentiment Analysis, Scientific Discovery, and Agile Publishing.

"Luxid(R) 5.2 is designed to meet the growing demand for delivering the benefits of Text Analytics throughout the Enterprise," said Eric Bregand, CEO of TEMIS. "Luxid(R) 5.2 can be deployed seamlessly within all Enterprise applications, delivering leading-edge content enrichment, and bring next-generation content discovery tools into the user's workspace."

Leading-Edge Content Enrichment

With Luxid(R) 5.2, TEMIS introduces a series of leading-edge features improving the connectivity, coverage and quality of its knowledge extraction.

Luxid(R) 5.2 enables powerful content networking by linking the extracted information to existing or external knowledge bases, providing highly relevant and contextual insights as well as intuitive navigation.

Luxid(R) 5.2 also dramatically extends the scope of its knowledge extraction with the new Events Skill Cartridge(R), a unique annotator that extracts targeted information pertaining to terrorism, armed conflict, and criminal activities. The Events Skill Cartridge(R) enables the intelligence community to better monitor and anticipate threats. Luxid(R) 5.2 also brings enhanced versions of its acclaimed Skill Cartridges(R) dedicated to Scientific Discovery. They provide scientists with an extended scope of extracted entities as well as cross-over links between biological, medical and chemical content.

More generally, Luxid(R) 5.2 introduces a series of advanced semantic capabilities to increase the accuracy and the relevance of the knowledge extraction with contextual resolution of ambiguity and anaphora.

Seamless Deployment and Integration

Luxid(R) 5.2 delivers pervasive integration capabilities, thanks to its second generation web services featuring enhanced security and scalability. Luxid(R) 5.2 also provides an extended library of connectors to strategic applications such as Accelrys(R) Pipeline Pilot for scientific discovery, i2 TextChart for intelligence activities and Endeca(R) Information Access Platform for semantically-enriched corporate information access.

Luxid(R) 5.2 easily leverages domain-centric taxonomies and combines them with companies' internal knowledge to rapidly align content enrichment to the customer's processes and objectives. Luxid(R) 5.2 also provides powerful and easy-to-customize information analytics that adapt the knowledge delivery to the users' communities and uses cases.

With Luxid(R) 5.2, TEMIS introduces LuxidBar(TM), a straightforward way to extend the power and benefits of content enrichment all the way to the desktop. LuxidBar(TM), replacing the previous Luxid(R) Toolbar, is an easy-to-deploy sidebar that brings to the browser immediate information annotation, highlighting and summarization, as well as contextual content linking.

Finally, Luxid(R) 5.2 introduces the next-generation Luxid(R) Knowledge Manager. This unique productivity tool, connecting to the Luxid(R) Content Enrichment Platform, is the gateway to building, organizing and managing domain knowledge through an easy-to-learn point & click interface.

Next Generation Knowledge Discovery

Luxid(R) 5.2 also delivers unprecedented analytics to the user through an innovative series of corpus-level tools.

Users can now go beyond the traditional drill-down approach to knowledge discovery. The unique Cross-Match tool "drills across" multiple collections of documents, uncovering relationships and placing each corpus in the context of the others. The Cross-Match tool further establishes a multi-dimensional view of information. Along the same lines, the Combined Queries tool enables users to recognize patterns in content at the document collection level.

Luxid(R) 5.2 also enables users to leverage document clusters as a starting point for new discoveries by instantly detecting topics of interest with the new clustering characterization feature, automatically describing clusters with their most relevant entities and facts.

Luxid(R) 5.2 is available now through TEMIS and its network of partners and system integrators.


TEMIS is the leading provider of Text Analytics software solutions for the Enterprise. Its cutting-edge solution Luxid(R) addresses the needs of Life Sciences, Enterprise, Publishing and Homeland Security. Its powerful information intelligence capabilities power strategic corporate activities such as Competitive Intelligence, Scientific Discovery, Opinion Mining, Voice of the Customer and Content Publishing. Luxid(R) turns unstructured data into actionable knowledge, enabling advanced content analysis and strategic information discovery.

Founded in 2000, TEMIS operates in the United States, France and Germany, and is represented worldwide through its network of certified partners.

TEMIS' innovative solutions have attracted the business of leading organizations such as Agence France-Presse, BASF, Bayer Schering Pharma, BNP Paribas, Boehringer Ingelheim, CARMA International, Convera, Editions Lefebvre-Sarrut, Elsevier, EMC, Europol, French Ministry of Defence, French Ministry of Finance, Ingenuity, Invest in France Agency, Merck Serono, Nature Publishing Group, Novartis, Philip Morris International, PSA Peugeot-Citroen, Roche Diagnostics, Sanofi-aventis, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Springer Science+Business Media, The McGraw-Hill Companies, and Thomson Reuters.