Tempe Mayor Declares June 18, 2010, A Day Dedicated To Thinking

Jun 09, 2010, 08:00 ET from The University of Advancing Technology

TEMPE, Ariz., June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman has declared June 18th, 2010, as the Leonardo da Vinci Society for the Study of Thinking Day. He declared this day in advance of the da Vinci Society event honoring Dr. Lynn Margulis that will take place at the University of Advancing Technology (UAT) campus in Tempe.

The da Vinci Society was founded in 2005 to promote the development of innovative thought and to honor the world's leading thinkers. The Society seeks to develop a world-class thinking curriculum through the establishment of funded professorships in the discipline of thinking.  The da Vinci Society also awards a scholarship each year to a student who demonstrates innovative thinking.

The Society has honored some of the most prolific minds in the fields of systems and organizational thinking, technology, and theoretical physics. Dr. Michio Kaku and Ray Kurzweil, the two most recent thinkers to join the da Vinci Society, share this honor with renowned theoretical biologist, author and Distinguished University Professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Dr. Lynn Margulis, as its 2010 inductee.

Establishing a particular day that emphasizes the ideas of innovation and creative thought illustrates both Hallman's and UAT's commitment to societal advancement through thinking.

Recalling public advocacy proponent John William Gardner's statement that, "Creativity requires the freedom to consider unthinkable alternatives and doubt the worth of cherished practices," Hallman states that, "It is in the spirit of exploration that I have declared June 18 as a day devoted to thinking."

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SOURCE The University of Advancing Technology