Tempus Decisionware from ProSymmetry Provides Sophisticated Tools for Resource Management, Strategic Planning and Project Valuation

Software simplifies resource forecasting, capacity planning and what-if analysis for corporations, government agencies and universities

Aug 20, 2013, 11:00 ET from ProSymmetry

CLEVELAND, Aug. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ProSymmetry introduces Tempus Decisionware™ to empower decision-makers with next-generation tools for resource management, strategic planning and project valuation.  Utilizing platform agnostic architecture and easy-to-adopt slide scaling, Tempus Decisionware is designed to simplify and optimize resource planning, quickly identify costs and labor savings, as well as uncover growth opportunities.

"We developed Tempus Decisionware to fill critical gaps in the resource planning and project portfolio management landscape," said Sean Pales, managing director of ProSymmetry.  "As a result, we created practical and easy-to-use tools for CFOs, CIOs, product development managers and IT executives to execute what-if simulation, resource forecasting, strategic planning and project valuation.  Our goal is for our customers to unlock competitive advantages and to uncover hidden value in their project portfolios."

Tempus Decisionware has two primary modules. The Resource Forecasting module enables decision-makers to proactively manage resource allocation and conduct real-time, what-if analysis to identify and resolve labor and cost constraints.  The Strategic Planning module provides the capability to engineer project plans to minimize risk and maximize value with powerful visualization and valuation tools. These modules enable Tempus Decisionware to:

  • Forecast resource allocation and identify resource bottlenecks
  • Transform resource planning from a reactive to a proactive process
  • Integrate strategic human resources planning into the project portfolio management process
  • Maximize returns on investment by engineering opportunity and eliminating risks

Tempus Decisionware has been implemented by companies and organizations involved in consumer products; energy, oil and gas; government agencies; financial services and insurance; gaming and leisure; healthcare; industrials and manufacturing; media and entertainment; metals and mining; military (classified and non-classified programs); paper and forest products; power generation and utilities; real estate; retail; technology; telecom; and universities.

SaaS and on-premises options are available.  More information about Tempus Decisionware is available at www.prosymmetry.com or by calling 877-880-8788.

About ProSymmetry

Founded in 2007, ProSymmetry™ was established as a boutique, project portfolio management (PPM) consultancy offering both system integration and application hosting services.  The company's expertise in PPM software implementations led it to identify gaps in resource and project portfolio analytics, and the need for practical tools for what-if simulation, resource forecasting, strategic planning and project valuation.


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