Teradata OLAP Connector Enriches Direct Excel Connectivity Enhancing Enterprise and Real-time Analytics

Aug 19, 2010, 11:00 ET from Teradata Corporation

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), today announced that the Teradata OLAP (online analytical processing) Connector provides Microsoft Excel PivotTable users with direct access to real-time data, which significantly enriches their reporting and analytics capabilities. Supported by real-time business data, the new enterprise intelligence capabilities help companies make more insightful, timely business decisions, which can create a sustainable advantage.

Historically, when data is moved out of the enterprise data warehouse into individual Excel Workbooks located across the company, the data quickly becomes stale. This creates challenges in auditing reports and offers a fragmented picture of the businesses' operations. Teradata OLAP Connector increases the breadth and depth of data analytics available to Excel, improves analytic response times, ensures a consistent view of all corporate data, and makes fresh, real-time data a reality.

"Teradata OLAP Connector allows Excel users to directly link to fresh and detailed data, without the disadvantages of always moving and storing data locally on their desktops. The extraction and storage of data in Excel Workbooks have many hidden costs, because it creates data inconsistencies between users and report auditability," said Randy Lea, vice president, products and services, Teradata Corporation. "The Teradata OLAP Connector allows business users to continue using their familiar tool - Excel, and to maximize their decision making by leveraging the unmatched performance, scalability and manageability of the Teradata database."

Businesses can rely on their internal resources or look for outside assistance to create an interface between Excel with Teradata.  According to Dan Ross, managing partner, Claraview, a division of Teradata Corporation, "For business users who prefer to use Excel for their daily reporting and analytics, Claraview's consulting services can assist customers to quickly create the interface. Users can get direct and optimized access to the business data and use that data to better manage their business."

According to Lea, "The Teradata OLAP Connector allows business users to create their own self-service analytics by utilizing a proven set of uniquely powerful and superior technologies - Teradata and Excel. Self-service analytics reduces the burden on the information technology organization and increases the agility of users to respond to their consumers with greater speed."

The Teradata OLAP Connector is the latest tool from the growing Teradata Business Intelligence Optimizer suite of products, which are designed to optimize the performance of business intelligence applications within a Teradata environment.

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